For Sale Pro Turbo Kits SN95 turbo kit


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Jun 15, 2010
Bellevue/Cheney, WA
Location: Kenmore, WA Price: $1000 OBO

Hello everyone,

I am selling my turbo kit from my SN95. It has never been used, only installed. I originally paid $4,800 for this kit back in 2004.
There is some surface rust build up on the exhaust piping (possibly can see it in the pictures, but I can take more if requested).

The kit comes with:
Garrett T-64 turbo
TiAL 38mm wastegate
Exhaust piping from heads to a y-pipe just after the downpipe (around the middle of the transmission)
Intercooler and piping as well as all clamps (I have some extra clamps and silicon couplers as well)

I have included a picture of the kit installed to give a bit of an idea of the kit, but its current state is the picture on the ground.
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