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Jan 10, 2016
Selling TWO complete sets of shocks and struts for a 2005-2014 Mustang. Also for sale is a set of Steeda Sport springs also for a 2005-2014 Mustang.

The Bilstein HD set has been mounted and used less than 300 miles. I used them with stock springs and were absolutely fantastic. Bilstein monotubes are in a league of their own. Comes with original packaging and hardware. Absolutely as good as new, purchased less than 3 months ago. $600

The Koni Sports are brand new and were never mounted. These are supposed to be the best performance strut/shock setup for the Mustang, period. They are adjustable and come with all packaging, hardware, and instructions. $700

The Steeda Sport springs are brand new and never mounted. I also received these (along with the Konis) when I purchased the car. I decided to use my stock springs when I mounted the Bilsteins as I like the stock ride height. These are linear and are supposed to the the best performance springs on the market for the S197. Combined with the Konis, you are looking at the best daily/auto-x/track setup out there. These springs are supposed to level out the ride height. Do some Google searching to get an idea of the drop. $150

I also have new Ford Racing front strut mounts as well Eibach camber bolts. I will include the mounts and bolts for an extra $50 if purchased with a set of shocks/struts. Otherwise, I'll do $75 for both.

Hell of a deal here on some new or like-new top shelf suspension parts for the 05-14 Mustang.

I'm located in Atlanta, GA. Pick up is preferred, but shipping is available at the buyer's expense. Thanks for looking.















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