35th Anniv LE interior redye--complete!

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  1. Some of you remember when I bought my '99 LE 'vert, the previous owner dyed the silver inserts on the seats & door panels red to compliment the red exterior. While it looked decent, being the purist that I am (owning a classic Mopar will do that to you) I wanted to put the seats back to original.

    Now Im sure with a lot of carb cleaner & 10 or so rolls of paper towels I could have gotten most of the red dye off BUT getting it out of the cracks & threads would be near impossible.

    Taking the seats OUT of the car (unlike the prev owner that sprayed them IN the car....good thing too because I found about 25 or so rotting french fries under the rear seat along with 38 cents!)
    Looking at this pic you can see how wellof a job they did (this is the rear seat back)

    & using SEM silver #15083, masking tape & a bit of patience I went from this.....

    back to this....

  2. Looks soooo much better! Did yo have any coverage issues. Any bleed through? Cause it looks like it covered great.

  3. That looks amazing. Good work!!! :hail2:
  4. No bleed issues at all. 1 can did all the seats & door panels with a little to spare.....I just have to hit the pony stitching with a silver Sharpie....the vinyl dye wasn't adhering to the cloth stitching as well as it does to the vinyl.....the seats were ready to sit on in less than 30 mins. SEM puts out a nice product.
  5. PS.....I was able to score a free set of aftermarket tinted headlights. While not entirely "correct" for the '99 they are MUCH better than the projectors that were on there....

  6. Awesome job!!!:hail2:
    Wanna come do mine?

    = :)
  7. Nice work! what kind of paint did you use? mine could use some retouching. If you wouldnt mind posting the brand and exact color you used, i'd appreciate it
  8. I think he put up in his post that he used SEMS silver #15083.