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  1. Sooo I took my car down to turkey rod run in daytona for thanksgiving weekend. With some poor decision making I made a u-turn at a street light accellerated and barked my tires in 2nd gear. I was lucky enough to have that off-duty officer in which I didn't see pull me over in his marked car and write me a Racing on highway citation. Yea I know I shouldn't have done it I just got a clutch and flywheel put in a week prior and wanted a little play time and picked the worst area. No vehicles we're near me. Not to many people around to see me do it. Nearly dying from stress over the crap though because its a loss of license for a year and potentially a loss of job in my case for what I do at work. Its been 13 days and I haven't got anything in the mail yet. Anyways I'm lookin for a little help here is the case beatable maybe having it reduced to improper start or unlawful accelleration?
  2. Should be a very simple matter. Go to court, plea to exhibition of acceleration, pay the fine and go on with your life.
  3. If it's like it is out here, you can go to court plead not guilty and the cop wont show to the trial and you'll get off without a ticket of any kind. If you're willing to admit to your wrong doing, take it to court, plead not guilt on racing, plead guilt to a lesser rapid acceleration charge (or whatever thet call it in Florida) and see what the judge says. Oh and here they have 90 days to mail you something, not sure on your laws though.
  4. I don't want to be "that guy," but as a lawyer. Many of them will offer some advice for a very low cost, often before paying a retainer and going forward with a defense. Free legal advice on here is worth exactly what you're paying for it. That's not to say that the advice given here is inaccurate, and I don't mean to discount any advice given here, but a lawyer in Jacksonville will know better than many of us that are scattered about the country. Good luck, however.
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  5. Had a similar situation when i was 18. I got a lawyer, he made it go away. Paying him so i didn't have to stress about it made it worth every cent. In addition to that, my insurance premium not going up for several years saved me money in the long run
  6. When I was younger I got a lot of tickets. Part of my self inflicted punishment was paying for a lawyer. The big payoff in the longterm is that none of those tickets were on my record when I needed a clean record for my occupation. Expensive yes, worth it yes.
  7. I would agree with fiveliterSN95, don't take legal advise from a forum. While there are some general techniques and tips for fighting tickets, they may not fit your exact situation and may fail miserably. You said it yourself, your job is on the line. So don't mess around, just get a lawyer. The cost of a lawyer is nothing compared to the potential loss of income if you were to loose your job. Plus, the lawyer will know the exact in's and out's of your particular court/state/city and will be able to give you the best possible outcome.
  8. This is not SVT Performance, we do not pretend to be lawyers or police officers here.
  9. Thanks for the input guys, Definately lesson learned never realized chirping tires was such a crime until I got that ticket hopefully I pick the right lawyer to get me out of this one.