35th Anniv let's get the pics back up!

Discussion in 'Special Production' started by T8ERS, Apr 10, 2005.

  1. I'll put up a couple. These are almost a year old though, need to get some new ones when I get home. The new headlights really upgrade the front.



    The wheels get kinda dulled out in these pictures, but the machined finish looks awesome... :banana:
  2. ???

    I havent been on much recently, what happened to the others?
    anyway, here are mine again....
  3. red35th, what headlights did you get? I have been thinking about smoked or clear-corners, i would really like to see how they look on your car (if that is what you have)
  4. heres mine


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  5. I've got one too. Only current pic of it from last month.

  6. I got the smoked headlights off ebay from performance depot at Christmas.

    Here is a link to one of their auctions- http://cgi.ebay.com/ebaymotors/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&category=33710&item=7970691601&rd=1.

    Make sure to check for their name, they have the cheapest, but alot of their "Buy it Now" sales differ in price from $80-90 bucks. I saved $10 that way.

    They make the entire car look meaner, especially those with the bumper inserts, it really keeps with the Red/Black scheme.

    Hope Italy is treating you well... :flag:
  7. here is mine....

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  8. Sweet, im glad you like em. If you have a pic of the car with the new headlights installed would you mind emailing it to me? [email protected]

    Oh yea, and italy is great! :nice:

  9. Heres mine, just washed and waxed her last weekend!





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  10. Red, Those rims look great btw.
  11. Great lookin car Red.
  12. how do i post pics again?
  13. Here's my beater....





    As soon as my billet oil pump gears come in I'll be installing a modular 5.0 :nice:
  14. Beater.... :nono:

    Very nice car btw, Definitely NOT a beater :nice:
  15. Are you still thinking about going with a blower Joe?

  16. I am picking my car up saturday with a 5.0 modular and still using the spray. I have quite a bit of money in my nitrous kit and also wasn't too sure how a 600rwhp daily driver would hold up, not to mention I couldn't afford a blower just yet with all of the money I sunk in the stroker. With my new motor I should be able to go tens on slicks but I'm debating if I want to put a cage in my car :shrug:
  17. You don't need a cage to run 10s...at least for the first time...:)

    It should be sick when you get it back, who is tuning it for you this time?
  18. The place who built and is tuning it is Triangle Speed in Orange, TX. They came recommended by a couple of people I know. So far I have been nothing but impressed. They really pay attention to the small things. I'll let you guys know what it dynos later this morning :nice: