Lifter, Oil Pump, recommended brands?


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Feb 12, 2006
Can you guys recommend some brands of parts?

I've read that some people have problems with their new lifters. Which brands did you use?

Do you like or dis-like certain other engine components? (bearings, seals, etc?)
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Nov 29, 1999
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Lifters generally don't see a lot of wear...and I bought some generic ones off ebay that I had problems with (weren't pumping up all the way), so really I think that unless there is something majorly wrong with the ones you already have, just re-use them. I ended up putting a set of 140K+ mile stockers back into my engine when the "new" ones weren't working out, and they're fine.

As for other parts...generally you can just go with a parts-store rebuild kit, as they come with Fel-Pro gaskets and Sealed Power bearings & rings. Also, don't bother with any sort of high pressure or high volume oil pump...just run a regular one.
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