LOL, Now THIS is rustproofing

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  1. Forget spraying rubber, it just falls off

    THIS is rustproofing, baby! (see attachment)

    I am one of those unfortunates with only one car so it gets driven on roads absolutely white with salt. There were salt _crystals_ on the bottom so I said ef this! I need to rustproof! I remembered how clean oily parts of the engine looked so I got an idea....

    7 tubes of chassis grease smeared all over the bottom. I pumped that stuff into every crevasse, every hole, the outisde and inside of every piece of equiptment down there with the exception of the exhaust, driveshaft and transmission. Total cost = $18. Total time= 2 nights.

    This was MESSY. OMG, you should see what my "work clothes" look like. I'm gonna need to soak them in fast orange for a week! This bad girl will never ever rust again!

    CrazyPete in the house!

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  2. good lord...
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  3. id make sure there isnt any grease on any rubber lines of any sort because oil breaks down rubber
  4. It does?


    Well, actually........the only rubber line down there is the fuel tank's charcoal cannister feed line and I could care less about that.

    Another thought occured to this stuff flammable? If it is, it will be a spectacular first ride. I just have to drive really fast in reverse to keep the flames away from the gas tank :D
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  5. :nono: HAHA! That's just not right man.:nonono:
  6. man i hope you don't have to do any work under there. you'll need one of those bio-hazard suits.
  7. Well, I expect most of it to fall off in 1-2 rainstorms, except for the out of the way places.......which are the places that rust the most.

    I dont expect to do any work down there for a month or two. It will be much cleaner by then.
  8. Thats gonna be a huge mess later on. can you imagine all the dirt thats gonna collect on that?
  9. umm, what happens if some of that - even a minor amount - makes its way onto your tires then you have to do something like, say STOP?????
  10. It seems like a good idea. my thought was about the grease actually retaining water like a spung. I don't know the properties of a thick grease like that.

    For that stuff to ignite, you'll need to be parked over a blow torch.
  11. Well.....exactly!

    Havent you ever noticed how the parts of the chassis near an oil leak have that thick heavy GUNK on them and when you scrape it see virgin metal. Well this is the same concept except applied to the whole car at once.
  12. Well, the front tires do all the stopping anyway and if I do happen to hit something, she's so slippery, it'll just slide ride off. :D:D:D
  13. i guess its a good idea. and since you have no choice but to drive the car its got to be better than nothing.
  14. This is what you need...

    It is applied with a garden sprayer and works for metal seaplanes operated in salt water. The result is a tar like coating that resists rubbing off and once it dries, does not attract dirt. I can't think of a more difficult environment to operate in.
  15. :lol: I just took black spray paint to the bottom...
  16. So is this sortof like what they use in truck bed liners? If not i wonder if you could ever use that on the bottom of your car? That stuff is really tough!
  17. you should have had the bottom done in bed liner or something....what possesed you to do that?
  18. I think I've emptied over 20 rattlecans down there by now and it will just flake off. Thats why I needed something to penetrate and soak into the scale. Paint is nice but it just cant hold up to new england.
  19. My beloved project was rotting away right in front of my eyes! This required drastic measures! Besides, I've done about 7-8 cans of qulity rubberizer too before. Nothing was working.....except an oil leak that was coating the trans tunnel and totally preventing rust.
  20. It has the word "ketone" in it. They dont seem to post any MSDS sheets but I'm sure its nasty stuff. I need to be careful with these organic compounds or my kids will come out with 3 arms.

    Thats the other thing I loved about the grease. It had no solvents. It was just grease.