Fox Lookin For Oem Type Power Steering Rack. Am Wanting The "?"

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  1. Im wanting to replace my old worn rack in my 90 lx. What rack should I be looking for the 2.5 or 3.0 LTL? What came standard on an LX w 302?
  2. You want the 2.5 turns/15:1/"sport" rack. The 3.0 turns rack is 18:1 and steers like a dump truck. If you see a 2.25 turns rack it's the same as a 2.5 turns rack with more limiter spacers installed. All that said, you're better off getting the rack rebuilt locally, because that way you'll keep the spool valve and torsion bar inside it that determine its feel. Parts-store rebuilt racks have mix & match internals and if you get one back that feels just like the one you have, consider it a miracle.
  3. What MFE92 said, switched mine out years ago you'll be glad