Looking to buy a Cobra tonight!

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  1. First off, I want to say that I love Mustangs and owned an '88 and '94 GT. I am going to the dealer tonight where they still have a brand new 2004 Black Cobra for less than MSRP. However, they do not allow test drives until after you have signed the papers. If I want to return the car for any reason, I only have until the next day to do so. Should I just start it up and buy it? Will I love it even more than my old Mustangs? I am trading in my 2003 BMW for it and will pay the difference in cash. What do you think? :flag:
  2. If you get it for the price you want, go for it. Just look it over real good. If there are any issues, have them wrote down & make arrangements to have them fixed under warranty. Just make sure they don't take you for a ride on the trade in. They have all kinds of ways to make it look like a good deal when really it's not.

    BTW, my dealer let me take my Cobra's out on test drives, but they knew I was really interested.

    Good luck.
  3. Be prepared to WALK AWAY if you don't get the deal you want. Check out www.edmunds.com and do their new car pricing to learn a bit more. Don't let them fleece you on that BMW either, I'd go in there with a KBB printout in your hand. Good luck too! :)
  4. Yeah, just check it over really good prior to signing the papers...that way there won't be any BS to put up with.

    Check out the 03/04 FAQ as well (should help you look for key problem areas/issues):

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  5. Got a NADA printout plus an Edmunds printout of MSRP and invoice pricing. I will accept no less than a $32k trade-in for my BMW and will pay no more than 1k over SVT invoice.
  6. good man, you know your stuff. And 1990stanglx is right , be prepared to walk away. Most likely if you do, they will chase after you with a better deal. Also, there is one line you can say that always gets their attention, but you can ONLY USE IT ONCE......."Why won't you let me buy this car?" I guaruntee they will come down a bit with that. Good Luck with the SNAKE SHOPPING!
  7. I had a dealership tell me that information was totally wrong. I laughed in the guys face and walked away. Don't let them try to tell you those numbers are wrong, because we all know they aren't. Also, despite what salesmen will say, there ARE a bunch of Cobras still available.
  8. No way. No test drive, no ride. I had a dealer tell me that and I walked. He chased me to the my car and gave in, I still didn't buy though.
  9. Is there a gas guzzler tax on this car?
  10. Yes, there is a gas guzzler tax on the car, I believe it's $1,000 but it may be higher, not sure because I bought my 03 used. There really shouldn't be any issues with it if it's never been driven, just give it a good look, check for scratches and start it up, make sure fluids are ok and such, anything else will obviously be under warranty. As long as the numbers come out ok I say buy it. I had a dealer try to get me to trade my 04 350Z in (which I paid cash for to begin with) and they almost would not shut up about how "Cobras are gone for 2 years after this! We don't have a huge mark-up on them so we can't come down in price!!", and also would not give me more than $22k for my car which stickered at $32k and had less than 2k miles on it. I walked away from that deal (which was NOT a deal, a 2004 Cobra WITHOUT the chrome wheels option with a sticker price of $37,895, which meant $47,895 with my $10,000 trade-in loss NOT including my $2000 set of wheels and Navigation system I purchased after buying the car). A month later I end up with a used 03 for $24,500. They're built strong and aslong as you get the money to match, it's a great car to own!
  11. I test drove the car last night and absolutely loved it. Truthfully, all I had to do was start it up, rev the gas, and I knew I wanted it. It has the chrome wheels. They are selling it for the $36,100MSRP-$1,000 rebate and NO gas guzzler tax. They will not sell it for less than that. They will call me with an exact number for my trade-in later today. If they fleece me on the trade, which I fear that they might, I will walk. I will not accept anything less than $33k for my 2004 BMW 330i with 11k miles, since it sold new for $42,500.
  12. Hope all goes well for you!
  13. Take your Beamer to Carmax for a trade in figure. That's what I did when I bought my 03 and the dealer matched their price which was 300.00 over Kelly Blue Book.
  14. No, there is no gas guzzler tax on the 2004s. The 2003s had the tax because they are rated at 23 mpg highway. The have bumped up the 2004s to 24 mpg highway and it is exempt from the tax.

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  15. A-HA!
  16. I brought in a KBB printout but they said that they don't use that and that they use their own, which always has a lower trade-in value.
  17. I'd get ready to start walkin', sounds like they're gonna come in about a grand under KBB to make up for the rebate they're offering on the Cobra.
  18. So when a dealer states that they have their own "blue book", that is BS?
  19. yes it's BS from what I've heard. Remember, they want to take your money, as much as they possibly can, so they'll say or do anything to do that.
  20. Why don't you take your time - sell the 330 privately and look for a better deal on an '04. You'll make more on your private sale ($3-$4K) and not worry about losing the value on a "net trade" price. If you insist on trading it in, make sure you agree to the final price on the Cobra before even mentioning the trade. I recently sold my Lexus IS privately for $2K over the best dealer offer and bought an '01 cobra (also privately).