Lost control @ 158MPH....:(

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  1. Well actually it was alot slower than that when she let go, but I was STUPID and decided to do a speed test just to see what she would run on the way to work this morning. 5:30 AM with NOONE on the roads....4 lane interstate with no onramps. Jumped on it and ran to 158MPH and then it just stopped :shrug: . So im trying to get the 160 because of greed and there is the sweeping turn....I let out (knowingly WAY too late) and slightly hit the breaks and roll into the turn.

    Make it about 1/2 way through and the rear steps out :( . I counteract and save it, then it goes the otherway....counteract and save it....starts going back the otherway and during this time im laying into the breaks pretty good to slow her down. Well my drivers side rear ABS sensor had came off on the way to work and durring teh moment I wasnt thinking about that, and was counting on ABS to not lock the tires. Well drivers rear locked while it was swinging back and it just went WOOOM and the rear came around hard to the left (nothing I could do) spun around and slammed the front pass into teh concrete wall then that sent the pass rear into the wall and she stopped. CRAP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    She took a second but fired up....WOOT! Drove 10 minutes fairly slow and noticed my car felt like it had a knot on the tire (think a rim is bent), otherwise drove fine. Pulled over and checked....front bumper was GONE....err my plates are on there! Turned around and got it....what was left of it and picked up the main bulk of my SHATTERED drivers headlight and drove into work...5 mins late.

    Dad came in and drove the car back home...thank God no cops seen him either.
    Man this could have been SOOOO much worse....I thank God I walked away totaly fine with the exception of my knee hurting just a hair. Guys I have NEVER been in any wreck before and 99% of the time im a very good driver...3-4 over speed limit MAX and only time I break the law is on acceleration blasts...but never this fast. I dont know what got into me and I cant belive I did something SOO freegin STUPID, not like me to push it like this....not at all. Sure I may get to 120-130 on dead straight road on occasion, and do alot of quick 2nd or 3rd gear pulls on straight road with noone around, but 158 coming into a curve. :notnice: :notnice: :notnice:

    Point is that no matter how responsible you normally are....you can make that one stupid decision and it will cost you alot. Please NEVER start feeling that your invincible and think this sortof thing can never happen to you. I am a perfect example that it can....me being someone with a history of 1 ticket EVER and no accidents. I just started to think that im a great driver and I wont crash....well I did. Im just glad that no cops were involded, insurance company hopefully wont be involved (i have full coverage anyways) and SO glad noone else was involved since there is an on ram just as the curv starts. All I hurt was my car....lesson learned, and belive me it hurt my pride....

    Its very difficult to get on here and tell you guys this, because I know alot of you respect me quite abit....and I feel like I let you guys down by pulling a stupid stunt like this. However if someone has been tempted to make a high speed run....then hopefully this post will change their mind and to me saving a life and/or someones car is worth the humility I desirve out of this.

    Ill have pics up soon, but the car is jacked up. A buddy of mine came over and is hooking me up with an expert in autobody repair, so I should get away pretty cheap considering. Same buddy knows alot about the stangs body and says that its definatly fix able. I bent teh front of the car PAST the shock towers, so it just needs to be straightened back out. Its about a little over an inch out of wack.

    List of damage

    1 tailight
    front bumper
    rear bumper
    front core support
    both exhaust tips
    both rear 1/4 panels have slight creases from the stress, 1 has a 4X5 pushin/scrape
    both front fendors need slight repair

    Thats about it minus what it did in the engine bay....such as ruining my fan and denting my cold side piping some. It also pushed my driver side turbo back pretty good and into a braket....didnt ruin it though. Overall the car seems OK and wasnt leaking any fluids...also drives good. And thank God that most everything except front and rear bumper and front core support should be fixable by said body man...he doesnt even want to charge me anything, but thats NOT going to happen, hes getting payed!. And thank God im ALIVE and now have a new outlook on life....priorities have chaged.
  2. screw the car man...get your knee checked out, get everything checked out. sometimes the pain doesnt come till a few days later. your health cannot be replaced....your car can. glad ur ok too.
  3. don't listen to that jackoff. we have all done stupid things in our lives and had to pay the consequences. i'm just glad your ok
  4. hey atleast you didnt ruin your motor
  5. I did 130mph once in my '93 GT. Never gone that fast again. Once was enough. Your going 120-130 on occassion, and now 150, I have no sympathy for you. IBTL.
  6. ya'll are a bunch of a**holes on here. jeez
  7. The good thing is your okay man. The car is just a car and can be fixed.
  8. holy f***ing s**t 158? your are beyond lucky. You should never go that fast again on the street because i think your gaudian angel quit after that one. and dont sweat these jack**** everyone dones stupid stuff every now and then hell I smoked my clutch trying to show off. ohh well you live and learn glad your ok.
  9. thank the man above.
  10. Lesson learned, and chalk it up to experience. Now, if you do it again, then you're just plain dumb.
  11. glad youre ok. and dont listen to them, you obviously realize that prolly wasnt a good idea, and if not for that turn this thread wouldnt even exist. just make sure you know youve got a straight line IF you ever do that again. this is one of those life lessons youll never forget. and i respect you for even posting this, cause we all know how you get flamed on for these things here. good luck with fixing her!
  12. and you may not live to regret it:( :(

    What did your dad say?
  13. Tough lesson to learn, but glad you did learn from it, can relay the story and hope others can learn from your mistake and not take the same chance even just once. They might not be as lucky as you.
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  16. Calm down man, just don't be so harsh on the guy. He was man enough to admit his fault on here.
  17. Never was defending him, You just make yourself sound like your MR. PERFECT.
  18. glad everthing is ok, but how did you see 158 on a 150 speedo??
  19. See, alot of people on here have basic bolt on cars. I personally have a pretty quick GT. But I have a buddy with a stupid fast cobra and a stupid fast mach 1. I have driven both, and actually hit the limiter in the cobra at 160. Most people have never driven cars that are in the same power catagory as yours. They also don't realize that when you've got that much power it is so easy to hit stupid fast speeds before you get even get off the onramp. Once you have that kind of power on tap it changes your perspective on how fast you can take a car. Because most of us let off after a certain amount of time, rather then when we reach a a certain speed because we have trained our brains to how long we can safely get on it before it's too fast. Well when you jump into a 550 hp car from a 300 hp car, you end up going a hell of alot faster then you intended to. I respect you for posting, and also for learning from your mistake. This will also teach you to have a great deal of respect for your car and the power it makes. Remeber that while possesing a great amount of power, you truely have nothing with out control of that same power.
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