Lower Control Arms On A 68

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  1. I'm doing a brake swap on my 68 and just removed the spindles to clean and paint them. I have replaced the upper control and ball joint in the recent past, but not the lower control , there is nothing wrong with them as I can see or hear. Should I replace them or just clean them up. The control arms are the original ones.If I replace them what kind? oreillys, auto zone have them ranging from 25$ a piece to 75$. This car is a cruiser, please any info will help.
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  2. i would replace them anyway. they are not expensive.
  3. Scott Drake has a very nice replacement. if they are original the bushings are probably worn out .
  4. I used my originals but I sandblasted them, welded 1/8 inch steel plat on the bottom of the control arm for extra strength, painted them with por 15, and replaced the bushings with red polyurethane bushings from energy suspension. Of course I replaced the ball joint. If you were to just replace them I would special order the moog control arms from O'Reilly Auto parts.

    Heres a pic from when I rebuilt my entire front suspension on my '67, all sandblasted and painted with por 15, and polyurethane bushings on every part.
  5. Where did you get all the bushings from. That looks really good.
  6. missed this part did you?

  7. What i meant where did he buy them from, oreillys, autozone....etc
    I know the brand is energy suspension, but energy suspension products are sold at autoparts stores WISE ASS.:uzi::p:p:D
  8. :rlaugh::rlaugh::rlaugh:i think oreillys sells them, not sure though.