lowering front end, safe, the right way

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  1. 04 anniversary New to me , did new 17 ' wheels, pads rotors, shocks, struts, to do list - air intake , true duals (off w cats ) have spoiler to add and ram air dual ports for hood, tuner, running255 50 17 rear at the moment the 225 45 17 were cheap used i got and they leave a big fender well gap. is lowering an easy option ? as seen in the pic. lowered front a bit will make it a real looker. will it change handling. or go to different tires with a higher profile ? thanks !! DSC00563.JPG
  2. Run the correct size tires. Theres a 2" difference between the front and rear tires. If your car has ABS/Traction control (it's an option..not standard) you may get an error code which will turn the system off and display the ABS/TC light in the dash. Tire sizes need to match for ABS/TC to work.

    If you want to lower the car (after putting correct diameter tires on the wheels - 245/45/17), then look into a quality lowering spring kit. Keep in mind, you may have to buy some additional supporting mods such as caster/camber plates, isolators, etc to correctly lower a car.

    And yes, there is such a thing as lowering a Mustang too much so that handling suffers.

    Do the V6's have a rear sway bar? Look into adding a GT sway bar front and rear as well if you want to stiffen up the ride a bit. make sure you get matching bars though. Adding a rear sway bar will make the car more prone to oversteer, so you want to add the matching GT sway bar to stiffen the front up as well and give it proper balance
  3. thanks, I got the 225 45 17 full set for 40 but one was no good, so then i found the nearly new 255 50 17's (just 2) for 50 and the are great soooo keeping the 255 rear and putting 245 45 17 front, is that godawful ? BROKE just got the mustang tax tag wheels and replaced so much to get her up to par (sally by the way - not too original, I know...lol ) no upkeep by prior owner -- that all 4 tires is a dream right now. would a couple weeks do harm as it is till next ck ? then, go to 245 45 17 front or jump to match rear ? I'd prefer 245's look oh and no traction control or error on dash or below radio
  4. As others have said, I would save money until you can do it right. A set of 245/45-17s all the way around, along with a set of Eibach's Pro Kit V6 springs would be perfect. (set aside some money for an alignment afterward)
  5. I put eibach pro kit lowering springs. They lowerd my car 1.5 inches all around. Easy install to do yourself and buying new isolaters is very important if you have over 100,xxx miles on your car. And im not sure about other mustangs but the 2003 v6 does not have a rear sway bar.