LS1 Computer??

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  1. I was wondering if there is any way to use an LS1 computer and wiring harness to run my 408? I would obviously use LS1 coils switched around for the Ford firing order as with the injector harness. I could maybe use a cam sensor from a 5.0 Exploder and a crank wheel from an LS1 between the balancer and crank pulley. Im just tired of driving to cincinatti to get a tune when there is a guy about 10 minutes from me that tunes LSx's all day. There is alot of guys around here with LSx's so it would be pretty easy and fairly cheap to get the necessary parts. Much cheaper than a FAST or MegaSquirt setup. But the demand for tuning Mustangs is very little so the guy that tunes all the LSx's doesnt want to spend the money on software for Mustangs when I'll be on of maybe 3 that will use it.
    Thanks and sorry for the long post
  2. Go get the tune done right. No chevy S***!
  3. I've had the tune done "right" and its not worth a ***** so i want to do this to have a person i can trust do sorry i dont have the time or the money to drive to Georgia to get my car tuned...I didnt ask if you thought it was a good idea or not i asked if it was possible so please if you have nothing to add then keep your comments to yourself
  4. ouch haha
  5. How about you call the guy you trust to do your tune, if he thinks its possible for him to tune such a setup. I'm sure he's been asked stranger things before.
  6. There are easier, and probably cheaper ways...

    Then you can tune the eec-iv yourself, or the local pro should be able to do it for you....

  7. I've been around Mustangs for quite a while and this is a new one to me. Not saying that it couldn't be done, but it's just a question that I have never seen before and just seems a little odd. Luckily I have a good Mustang performance shop close by to do whatever I can't to my car. Interestering idea though, I would like to know the details if you get it to work.
  8. I don't see why not, as long as it has GM sensors to go off of for all the inputs and outputs, will just be fun wiring it up and such.
  9. Price for megasquirt is the same as fast?LMFAO where you shopping threw Mac computers? :rlaugh:
  10. if your gonna do all that work why dont you just put an LS motor in the car :stirpot:
  11. ls motor in a could you sleep at night...
  12. like a baby... next car i build will be an LS powered notch.
  13. just build a 351w so i can sleep at night too...

  14. if i do that im not gonna be able to sleep at night cause im gonna need a night job for the 15 grand its gonna cost me to make 600 hp with a 351.
  15. well atleast write mustang on it in permanent marker so i feel better
  16. Funny I ran across this thread and had to post....
    I am in the process of installing an LS1 computer system onto a SBF as we speak. Have a customer with a blown '92 Notchback that is going to test the system for me. It will have coil near plug ignition and be able to be tuned with EFI Live or similar program! The LS1 system is a great computer system, but I can see that convincing Ford guys of that will be hard to do!!! ;)
    Will keep posted if anyone is interested!!!

  17. lots of guys are doing this with AEM...
  18. I am sure they are, but I am almost 100% positive that this will be a much cheaper way to go than using an aftermarket system, no matter who makes it.

  19. Alright,
    What features does the LS1 computer offer that aren't available in the standard Ford computer?

    What features are you using to justify the expense of conversion?
    Have you tuned Ford efi before?

    Not trying to be a smartass, but if this is the route you are taking I am curious as to why.