Mach 1 Eaton Swap

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  1. Since this stage of my project are done I thought I'd post up. I had a P1SC on the car making 468RWHP and was planning on a new shortblock so I could turn it up but wasn't happy with the options out there for the centrifugal blowers. You have to upgrade to an 8 rib set up and that can present problems of it's own and belt slip isn't always eliminated, narrow power band, belt alignment, etc... To get 600RWHP reliable it was more than I wanted to deal with.

    My alternative was the Eaton set up that obviously is a factory setup and with a whipple on top can easily make 600RWHP with minimal belt issues.

    My plan was to first sell the P1SC, convert the engine to the 03/04 Cobra set up so I could work out all the bugs, build the shortblock and eventually buy a whipple. Right now the car is converted over and the shortblock build up will start next week.

    I picked up all the parts needed for $2500 and ended up with and upgraded heat exchanger and a stock eaton and a ported eaton with 2.76 pulley. While I did this I also upgraded to dual FPDMs, Ford GT pumps in a 03/04 Cobra hat.

    First night starting the tear down of the stock engine.

    While doing the swap I also got another pair of valve covers and had them powder coated so I had to pull the stock ones. Everything pulled and ready for the swap.

    Block modified (ground down the knock sensor bosses), new timing cover and valve covers on.

    Lower intake, intercooler, blower, accessories and belt on, pulley bridge installed.

    Dual FPDM wiring harness.

    Everything but fluids filled.

    New bumper cover to fit over the dual pass heat exchanger.

    Last week I had the car tuned and with 17* of timing it made 436RWHP/419RWTQ on a MustangDyno, which is roughly 10-13% lower than a dynojet so I had them pull 2* of timing and it made 411RWHP/392RWTQ. I wasn't looking for big power just enough to have some fun while I get the shortblock built.

  2. thats a pretty nice set up, how long did this project take?
  3. Looks good! :nice:

    I've always liked the Mach 1 wheels, but even more so with the deep dish. Almost makes me want a set on the 95. :drool:
  4. I have two vehicles so I dragged it out pretty long. It was basically 3 weeks from start till the first time I cranked it over. I worked on it an hour or so a night and a few hours on Sunday's. If you had everything on hand you could do the entire swap over a weekend (long nights but doable).

  5. Nice setup!!! I was gonna do the same swap, but I dont have the money for a built bottom end & I just didnt think it was the best option for me... Looks sweet though with the TR valve covers & all. Nice numbers too... Are you gonna stick with an aluminum block?
  6. I'm going to be using a Teksid (aluminum) block. No reason to add weight.
  7. Sweet dude, thats a nice build. Those valve covers are a really nice touch as well
  8. My thoughts exactly :nice:
  9. Update to the thread. Looks like the new shortblock is taking a bigger priority now. During the Eaton swap I had a problem with an excessively high idle that ended up being the wrong plenum being on the car. It caused the car to basically jump to 4K RPM almost immediately and on a cold engine that wasn't good. After a handful of passes at the track I've developed a problem with oil pressure so it appears I burned up a bearing or two.

    Luckily the parts for the new shortblock went to the machine shop last week so I won't be down too long.

  10. OUCH!!!:eek:

    The positive side is, you will have a much better shortblock & will be able to push more boost safely now....
  11. Do the Mach engines have the plastic oil pump gears? I know older Cobra guys had that problem all the time cause the oil pump sucks. :shrug:
  12. It's not the oil pump gears. The pressure will rise if I give it gas. When the pump or pump gears goes you lose pressure completely.

    I'm going to be changing the oil and putting a gauge on it to see what it actually doing. This isn't my daily so it's not a big deal to let it sit. I'm just happy I got to enjoy it for a couple of weeks since being tuned. Plus now I get to look forward to that ported and pullied Eaton in the garage. :)

  13. Yeah, was just a thought.

    Thats sweet as hell though, bet it will be a nice beast with the ported Eaton on it. Most of the Cobra guys get just over 500 at the wheels running13-14 psi. A 2.81 is really the smallest you want to run on it because when you push the Eaton past that they just pump so much heat its rediculous.

    So what are the specs for the new block? Are you pushing it to a 5.0? What about rods and pistons? What CR you looking at having? Running a hair more compression and timing you may get really close to your 600 rwhp goal on the ported Eaton but it shure would be allot easier on the engine with a twin screw.

    Is that an Afco heat exchanger?
  14. It's either a 2.81 or 2.76 on the ported Eaton not sure which as they aren't marked and it's not like there is a standard measuring point.

    The new set up is just a Teksid block 10 over, 8.5:1 compression, CP Pistons, SS rings, Eagle H beams, ARP 2000 rod bolts, 97 Cobra crank, ARP main and head studs. I want low compression because the end goal is a whipple and for the amount of boost I want to run the high compression just isn't what I want. If I was keeping the ported Eaton I would have considered it. Plus lower compression is more nitrous friendly (in addition to the Eaton). I figure it should be pretty close to 500RWHP after the new shortblock and ported Eaton goes on.

    Yes it's a AFCO dual pass H/E. Depending on the timing I may end up having the heads ported and new valve seals put in while it's apart.

  15. Whats wrong with using your stock Aluminum block? I did ... Stroked.. Your Mach 1 block is Plenty strong enough.. Mustang Specialties did my engine for me. Took them 2 Months, i removed my engine (blown to hell!) placed it on a pallet , shrink wrapped it, sent it from Connecticut to Florida. it was back at my door first week of April.
  16. Are you gonna do the head cooling mod too?

    Great parts selection too! If you run the new big Whipple you can make over 600 rwhp at its lowest boost setting (around 16-18psi) and make damn near 800 rwhp if you turn it up to mid 20's :nice:

    I am sooooooo jealous! :mad:

    :rlaugh: :cheers:
  17. A. Because the car is running and I saw no reason in having the car down for a long time waiting for the machine shop. B. I've been collecting parts over the past year so I could have the shortblock done so the only thing holding things up is me. C. The stock WAP block has been known to fail at 700RWHP or so and I'll be very close to that after I switch to the whipple and so no reason to push my luck especially considering the deal I got the Teksid block.

  18. Absolutely. I was going to do it with the Eaton swap but there is so little room to work so I'll wait till the engine is out but yes I'm definitely doing the head cooling mod. Yes that is the plan to go with the 3.4 and keep the boost low enough to run pump gas. Then I can always bump it up but I like having it a dual purpose car not just a track car or a street car.
  19. Well i'm going to be tuning my car down to 690 RWHP since being at or above 700 rwhp might be just a bit much for the weekend street car. (i'm running 80# injectors and somewhere around 18 +# boost.

    I understand your reasoning, however keep in mind numbers matching block means a lot. IMO and with many other PPL i have spoken with when doing mine.

    Good Luck with the mods!

    Jon in CT
  20. I'm not worried about resale value of the car and IMO at least when you get to that level of modifications to the car it's not going to matter. Someone looking for numbers matching cars is generally looking for unmolested cars. I may never push that power limits of the WAP block but if I didn't want it to hold me back.

    When everything is done on the Mach 1 I'll have my complete drivetrain and I was going to drop into a fox coupe eventually. However I may part it out most of it and save the block and put it away with all the other stock Mach parts.