Mach 1 Eaton Swap

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  1. 1 - Looks great. :cheers:

    2 - Off topic: How long ago did you sell your '00 GT Bill? :shrug:
  2. November 2005 almost 6 years to the day that I bought it new. I hated to let it go but it was the car or the house and the house won. Now I have both...well different car.
  3. Car looks sweet, i had no idea you picked up a Mach 1 but then again I've been in and out of the Mustang forums the last couple of years.
  4. Sorry about the stock motor, but the new one will be a monster!

    Good luck!
  5. Yeah I picked it up in April of last year.
  6. what kind of oil pressure issues did you have? obviously it was low. but how low was it?
  7. That is sick!!!Awesome job Bill :nice:!!Another project of yours i will need to follow!!LOL!
    I use to follow your other project,your '99 GT!Helped me decided on cam company,and your tech article on the Bullitt intake swap was useful too.You were a very usefull "bible" like individual for the 2V crowd on Mod Depot.You were the very few that did it,and pushed it.
    Interesting to see where you go with the blown 4V.
    Good luck.
  8. After the car got to full temp I came to a light and the stock gauge dropped to L then came right back. I disregarded it for a fluke and took it to the track. I made two passes and on my way home came to a light and after 30 seconds of idling it dropped to L and stayed there till I gave it some gas.

    Tonight I drained the oil, installed an auto meter gauge and refilled with 10w40 (was using 5w20) and pressure gets down to 12psi at idle at full temp, stock gauge shows normal, at WOT it goes to 75psi+.

    So it's driveable so I can hit up the local car show/hang out but I'm not going to push it hard since I really don't want to trash the heads/cams. The new shortblock was underway regardless. This just puts more urgency on wanting to get it done.

  9. Glad to hear someone got some use of those articles. I nearly built another NA 2V but I couldn't pass up the deal on this car at the time. I bought it thinking I wouldn't do much to it but that didn't last long.

  10. Yap,those articles were no waste!!! ;)
    Well,as much as i would like to see you build another quick 2V,this 4V Mach is just fine!!LOL!:)