Made my own T5 shift stick

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  1. Yep a VF-6 from 2000. Hands down the most reliable piece of equipment I have ever used. We had Selway (our local distributor) do a PM on it a couple years ago and he was amazed at the condition. It had never had a factory PM done since new, yet it held all it's tram and level and with the exception of a minor tool changer arm adjustment it was as good as the day it was installed, nearly 13 years ago. Plus it's nice to pick up the phone and speak to a tech in unbroken English if I need to get some advice.
  2. Just a thought, maybe print the word "MUSTANG" on the side as well to help you sell. The GT350 or GT500 would limit your market a bit. Real clean design. Looks sharp.
  3. I'm currently doing the T5 conversion...I'd definitely buy one from your first batch!
  4. if I don't want to spend the $100 on an aftermarket stick for my car, all I need to do is go out and buy a $20,000 CNC machine and punch out one of my own. Makes perfect sense. :shrug:

    ....just kidding. Nice work. :nice:
  5. $20,000 wouldn't buy the tooling we use. The machine was $101,000 12 years ago, plus the software was $12,000 if I remember right. Now you know why companies charge so much for trick parts...
  6. I'm interested! Was contemplating cutting my old 4spd hurst shifter but this is much better if the price is right, PM me when you figure out how much you are going to charge
  7. Sorry it's taken so long, but the first batch of shifters are finished except for threading the ends. Hopefully they will be done by the weekend, then start polishing and I'll start PM'ing the people who have already spoken up. The shifters have been changed a slight amount to make them look a little better. I'll post some pics as soon as I have them completely finished. Jim
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  8. Very cool Jim- if you could make me a transmission I'd buy a shifter from you! Seriously, very nice...​
  9. How far is the inner bend from the bolt upper bolt hole? I made a console and my Ripper handle hits in 2,3rd, and reverse so i need a taller rise
  10. It's nice to know that there are still a few people in California who can still make real, physical products. Nice work.
  11. PM sent
  12. Thank you! Hopefully I can get this first run out the door and once all the programming and fixturing is done, they will be MUCH faster to make the next time.
  13. Replied, thanks
  14. They would sell like hotcakes, but zookeeper would be selling them for less than cost. $70-80 for a finished product like this is Chinese sweatshop rate. An hour of shop time is worth more than that.

    I think that's a very viable option considering the fixture for finish machining probably won't have to change.
  15. Looks really great!!!
  16. You might be surprised. PM me for prices, the first ones will be going out next week.
  17. EDIT: In hopes of better pics, I got a better camera so you can actually see what's in them. Here's the basics:
    Plain polished


    Engraved polished (your choice of whatever you want)

    Machined pockets. This one is satin-finished, but I can have them polished as well

    Again, hope this doesn't violate any forum rules, and I will not mention prices in this thread, so PM me with any questions at all, Jim
  18. I got the shift handle.IT IS AWESOME!!!! What size is the threaded end. Im going to get a new shift knob and my old "5.0" knob is too big.Also had a TPS go out on the fuel injection.

    Havent had a chance to put it on. Hhad a TPS go out on the fuel injection and spent the weekend doing my duaghters room. Put it off for about for a LONG time, but i think her 5th b-day is time.
  19. Thanks, Mario. Hope it fits your console. Anyway, the shifter end is 3/8-16 threads. The reason I chose that was it's the thread size and pitch of my Hurst ball, although I know some newer balls are different.
  20. This guy (zookeeper) makes a really great shifter and at a great price. If i had more mustangs to put a shifter on i would definatly buy more. He does excellent work, and what you request of him. I am very pleased with my shifter.