Made my own T5 shift stick

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  1. well im glad to hear that you got a job you love..... i like what i do but not the company i work for.... anyways im so glad that i got my shifter early!!!!! thanks for making mine for me....
  2. When you get a chance you should make some custom cyclic sticks.
  3. My comment is an echo of what robert said.
    Thank You Sir,
  4. I finally was able to install my "Cougar" shifter as well..It looks GREAT!!! I took a week to go and try and finish the engine in my 69 Cougar, and that part was a fail. However, I got a new old "Cougar" shifter knob, and so while I had five minutes of down time, I installed the shifter and knob. I LOVE IT. Looks super cool, and very vintage to me!

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  5. Glad to hear it worked out for you! I haven't been on here much due to the job change, the move, etc but I really am glad to hear the guys who bought them liked them. A few months ago I actually listed my car for sale, but even though I had a very serious offer, I couldn't do it. I've had the car too long and enjoy it too much to part with it. I still get emails from time to time from people seeking a shifter, but the 50 or so that were made are probably all that there will be. However, if some other up and coming machinist is interested, I think I still have the MasterCam file somewhere on a disc, and it has all the dimensions, etc on it, so get in touch and if I find it, it's yours. Thanks guys, see you around.
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  6. If it is copy-able, I would be interested in a copy!
  7. As soon as I find the disc, (we're still unpacking from the move) I'll contact you for an address. It's a simple file and anyone who uses MasterCam can use it.
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  8. I still get people asking about my shifter handle. We have a few CNC's here at work and are looking into producing billet accessories in the future so I might be interested in that file too.