SOLD Magnum 500 18x9 And 18x10 With 305 Mt Et Street Drag Radials

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  1. Up for sale for any interested parties. Wheels have no rash and are in excellent shape. Rears tires are MT et street II radials 305 35 18 with about half tread. Front tires are trash and only good for holding air and rolling car around as they are cupped on outer edge.

    Looking for $850 obo for rims and rear tires, $600obo for wheel, and $300obo for rear tires. Also I arranged the pictures show front of wheel, with close ups that wheel of areas of minor flaws. I am picky and wanted to show all issues no matter how small.

    Houston, TX

    Pics of what they look like on car.
    View attachment 127338

    Crack in center cap
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    View attachment 127340
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  2. Sold.

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