Engine Making Sure I'm Not Missing Anything

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by smilts, Apr 28, 2013.

  1. In the past I've had lots of problems with strait forward installs, I blame myself for not being prepaired.
    So I thought I would post and see if I'm missing something or if there are others thing I could or should do while I have the engine out. So far Ive ordered heads, valve springs, and felpro head gaskets and headers. I'll link them in case I've made any mistakes.

    I plan to replace my old modified automatic bell housing plate with a new manual one. I also have new intake gaskets, injector O-rings, oil and coolent. I'm pulling the engine because I think some of this for instance the bell housing plate will be easier with it out and I'd like to clean up the engine bay hide my injector harness and maybe do some painting.

    I have the following things installed TS TFS-51403001 cam, gt40 intakes, offroad x-pipe, and a bunch of other non relevant things. Thnx for any advice or tips on anything else that would be good to do at this time or anything I'm missing.
  2. kind of a loaded question since there is always tons of stuff you CAN do, but not necessarily have to. you could replace your rear main seal and oil pan gasket since the engine is out. they are common leak points. what rockers are you going to use? make sure you have a power steering pulley puller.
  3. I'd plan on what ProKiller said, and just replace some of the most likely worn out/weathered "maintance" items since the engine will be out.

    Since I am kind of OCD when it comes to cleaning my Mustang, I'd be inclined to clean up the engine bay while the engine was out.

  4. Yea the can do stuff I'm looking for as well thank you. The rear seal has less than 6 months of driving on it, is it still worth replacing? But I will be checking for oil leaks and doing a lot of cleaning.

    As far as rockers will the stock ones work or is it better to replace them while I'm doing all of this?
  5. If anyone happens to take a look at this. Do I need to use different spark plugs, also do I need 90 degree spark plug boots for my wires with the new heads and headers?