Manifold replacement

Discussion in 'Classic Mustang Specific Tech' started by mhjo, Aug 25, 2003.

  1. I have a 289 wich is upgraded with new 4 port carb., new intake, cam and lifters and a silent dual exhaust system.

    AS a "final touch", I have been advised to upgrade the stock manifolds. I have been given several alternatives:

    1. Try to find HiPo manifold (difficult here)
    2. Use a 351 manifold (do they really fit a 289?)
    3. Use shorty headers

    As I am not a fan of load engine noise, I am a bit sceptical to headers. Someone hinted my about header-wrapping, but I don't know what that does to sound.

    Advice me please.
  2. I saw some hy po ones on e bay last week off of a shelby. They might still be there. They were reasonable as I recall.
  3. why not just pick up a set of hooker or hedmans? why do you want shorty style?? Do you not want to replace your exhaust? As for the header wrapping, I was told that it is very wrong to do it on a daily driven/street car. header wrapping does not reduce sound it is supposed to keep in the heat.

  4. People tell me that regular headers make such a nasty noise in the passanger compartement, and that shorty make less.
  5. I've been pricing reproduction hipo's. Most Mustang Parts suppliers have them. What about 5.0 factory tube exhaust manifolds from the late 80's ?
  6. I personally like the sound of the original Tri-Y headers available from just about any Mustang parts house. They are reasonable quite with just a slight tinny sound....kind of nice on a car with quiet exhaust, on my Shelby the mufflers (if you can call them that) are so loud I can't hear them at all. Shorties will be the quietest but don't count the Tri-Ys out, too bad you can't find someone with them on a car to take a listen.