Manual shifting an aod

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  1. So a guy was telling me i could "hold" 2nd gear by starting in 1st speed up shift to 2nd and back to first to hold second shift to second to shift to third and so on,
    I tried it in my car and it worked really well. I guess the question is How long till this destroys a trans. Thanks for the advice.
  2. I've done it for years with the automatics I've owned. Won't hurt it at all. Above a certain speed, it won't go back into 1st.

  3. Spend a few bucks on a decent external transmission cooler and you won't have to worry so much.
  4. What???
  5. I've heard that method kills stock AODs quick, especially if you're putting decent power through it.
  6. I've known guys to do that for years and the same guys mangled an AOD within a couple's probably not the greatest method
  7. Best way to shift an aod is to replace it with a t5
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  9. or you could just rebuild your aod with a shift kit and an upgraded torque converter...that works just as well....
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  11. agreed, however ive grown to like my AOD. but i will admit a t5 is much more fun and before i bought my most recent gt, i vowed to never buy an automatic.
  12. Doesn't just driving stock AOD cars with any bolt on power kill them? :p
  13. T5's are fun, but if you want consistency and the quickest ET's, nothing beats a well built automatic with the right converter.

    ....the stock AOD is a long way from a well built automatic though, I'm afraid. :(
  14. for a full blown drag car, yes. a fully built Automatic trans will help you dial in the best ETs
    for a street/strip car, theres nothing less fun than an AOD.
    you can run some damn fast times with a manual trans, so id have to be pushing some seriously fast times or bracket racing to even consider an auto.
  15. Thanks for the info. I kinda like my aod i built it for fun so I could drive it and my wife(she hates Stick). A lil give and take I guess. I have had the trans rebuilt and the guy added a shift kit bigger servos and something about drums and bands. It was a long time ago. lol. I guess what I am asking is What is going on inside the trans to make it "hold second gear like it does. I have heard Both sides from Its fine to do, all the way to it wont last a few months.
  16. I use to have a 95 v6 stang.I swapped out the rear 2.73's for 3.73's & manually shifted the AOD for a year or so.trans had an electronic shift kit which made the shifts much firmer. manual shifting was the only way to go for me...the 3.73's & manual shifting made it so much for fun to drive.:nice:
    I don't ever plan on owning an auto stang again though.....:notnice:
  17. when I was 16 and borrowing my moms car, auto tempo v6, Id floor it from a light and right as it shifted 2nd Id upshift to nuetral(still full throttle) hold it for like 1/2 second or less, then back in drive and it would chirp the **** out of the tires, haha, good times
  18. Install a manual valve body and get a shift kit/ decent clutch packs and you'll love it. My AOD shifts so hard it feels like someones rear ending the car. then you can get a nice TCI or B&M hammer shifter. I guarantee you hitting a ratchet shifter is faster than a person shifting using their hand and leg. There will be no lag full engagement with every shift. My AOD Manual valve body trans was the best bang for buck mod i did. Either way make sure you get a stacked plate trans cooler.

    Performance Automatic
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  19. im very happy with my Performance Automatic AOD and b&m hammer shifter:D
  20. We used to do candy cane burnouts in my first car, a 91 Grand Prix. Put it in reverse, coast backwards, shift into drive and mash the gas. Voila, two big, black candy cane shaped marks on the road. That car took a one-way trip to the salvage yard before I even owned it for a year.