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  1. Well I finally got the paint and stripes done late friday night. Had to drive 350 miles back home on Sunday. So I finally got time to post pics. After all the problems and issues we had last week putting it back together I finally came up with a name for it "Nightmare". It just seemed to fit. I still have issues to deal with, Phoenix Graphix needs to make things right with this yet. The rear spoiler stripe was 2" too wide, clear covering was a **** to remove and 90% of the glue stayed on the stripe, 3 finger prints "in" the stripe, one spot where they printed over what appears to be tape glue, miss cut sections of stripe and a Cobra that dissapeared on the spoiler. But its done.....for now. I was able to find 3 parts cars while I was up there also. So I now have a set of tail lights for a all red conversion. But anyway here it is Nightmare

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  2. Love the graphics, color combo is great! Beautiful car.
  3. Cool! Looks like a fun car. I like the lift in the back, along with all the rest of the car. What size wheel/tire are you running in the back?
  4. 245/60/15
  5. Don't get me wrong, I love the car and color combo....but those wheels are so late 80's....and I was a teen in the 80's.

  6. I agree but try and find a set of 15x8 with 4 lug wheels that look vintage. Found a couple sets of 4 bolt cragers but they where 13". Which wouldnt be too bad if you could find tires for them. I wish I had the cash to buy a new set of slotted mags from american racing but they are spendy.
  7. Looks good.. you can get so much more tire under the car by going to a 4 1/2" back space on the rim just look at my car I didn't do anything to car besides low it down in the back
  8. Vincent what size tire are you running on your? Got any pics? Im sure I've probully seen it but cant remember it at the moment.
  9. I like it. I wonder if they make Halibrand wheels that would fit it?
  10. The car looks sharp but have to agree the mags look off, I am still old school and have done my best to keep the whole car era proper, took me many years but found some 15 10's for the rear running 295 50 15's and found a set of 15 8.5's for up front, problem was the tires rubbed a bit so back to hunting and now I also have a set of 14 6's which I will install 14 inch 60's up front 7416176.jpg
  11. Got a nice set of turbines with BFG tires with center caps and 1 inch bolt on spacers to fit the II. I used them on my car for a few years The tires dont even have 1000 miles on them. 225 60 15 front 235 60 15 rear. 500 obo I live in chicagoland il.
  12. I think the turbines would look quite shape on the Nightmare, maybe get a pic of them posted on here so when buddy logs on here he can see them right away
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  14. They look good but they are foxbody wheels. I have a set of 13" wheels like those but they look like crap. I bought a set of 5 of the 4 bolt Cragar SS wheels. One rim is bent and only good for a spare and then taking the tires off I broke a chunk off the center (where the center cap attaches to). So now I have to find anoughter wheel, not to mention tires.
  15. Like I posted earlier I had them on my II with spacers and those will go with. You just bolt them on and go. I even have the inside covers to keep the brake dust off the rims.
  16. The price is way too high in my opinion. I can find the same wheels in this area for $100 and they arent the look I want. Im looking for a period correct set. Cragar ss, keystones, etc. sorry