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  1. Im thinking about getting a micro tuner to increase my hp and what not. I was trying to research and find out how much hp you could potentally gain anyone know, and get tell my if they are worth it.
  2. what is a microtuner, if you dont mind me asking?
  3. a micro tuner to re configure the cars computer to get more power torque better gas miliage. stuff like like. go to www.superchips.com
  4. http://www.superchips.com/prod_imgs/makepdf-581.pdf

    Here is the Dyno sheet from Superchips with Bone stock and just reprogrammed.

    Max HP gain is 12.5 [email protected] and Max Torq gain is 19.2 ft/lbs @ 3400rpm.
    Peak HP gain is .6 [email protected] and Peak Torq gain is 19.2 ft/lbs @ 3400rpm.

    Max HP gain is 6.3 [email protected] and Max Torq gain is 7.2 ft/lbs @ 4500rpm.
    Peak HP gain is 5.2 [email protected] and Peak Torq gain is 1.1 ft/lbs @ 3100rpm.

    I would venture to guess that these are about the best they could get, with just the handheld micro.

    I will check around for SCT X-Calibrator figures.
    EDIT.. Even better... Here is the forum link for SCT...ask Ryan at SCT if there are any Dyno sheets available for a Bone Stock V-6. :D


  5. thanks jenn and monstarain, i appreciate the info. :)