Mishimoto Is Giving Away A Free 1994-2004 Mustang Rad With Stabilizer System!

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    Want to win a free 1994-2004 Mustang Stabilized Radiator? You’re in luck! We’re giving away one away for free! All we ask in return is that the winner does a summary of the installation in the form of a forum thread (include pictures). We appreciate being a member of the community and would love an unbiased review and feedback. The contest ends May 12th and the winner will be contacted via email May 16th!

    Here is some information on the product!
    Ford Mustang Performance Radiator w/ Stabilizer System by Mishimoto - YouTube

    In order to be eligible, please fill out the form here.
  2. Have you even released the winner of the previous give away?? :mad:
  3. sign in :) hope I win
  4. I'm in as well!
  5. Thank you!

    My apologies! We must have missed the comments from this thread. I will notify our team in charge of the contest and have them follow-up.

    Good luck! Only 3 days remaining for this.
  6. Im in

    <-------- would go good with my other "radiator" :D
  7. Hey everyone! Our winner has been picked and contacted via email. We're sorry we couldn't pick all of you, but once the review is posted up we will be sending a special email your way, so stay tuned!
  8. Any reason why you wont name the winner? I don't get it :scratch:
  9. Mishimoto radiators are the worst ever.

    Installed one in my car, and it leaked 2 weeks later. Had it repaired 4 times and it had leak after leak in new spots.

    These things are crap. I tossed mine in the trash and got an 03/04 cobra radiator. I know these have warranty but i didnt wanna keep tearing apart my car to replace cheap Chinese junk radiators.