Moates Gear??

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  1. Hey guys, I'm interested in getting started tuning and like the do it yourself approach of the Moates stuff but I am confused on exactly what I need to purchase to get started - F2, burn1, Ostrich, etc, etc...

    I'd like to be able to tune and datalog - what do I need to buy?

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  2. anyone? I'm interested as well.
  3. Currently, moates does not support datalogging. There are some external setups you can run with a laptop to get some datalogging, but it really isn't that great of a setup.
    All you will get is the voltage output from up to 8 sensors.
    Check out Dataq...
    DI-148 Data Acquisition Starter Kit - USB Data Acquisition system
    DI-158 USB Data Acquisition Starter Kit

    Moates does have some datalogging equipment in development right now, supposedly in testing phase. But this NEW hardware has been in the works for several years now...

    Here is a breakdown of what you will need to buy from moates...
    F2A - An adapter between the burn1 and the F3 chip module
    F2E - Allows you to read driectly from the ford ecu. Handy, but not needed, as all of the common .bin tunes are already posted all over the interweb.
    F3 - This is the chip that plugs into the port on the back of the ecu
    Burn1 - This is a standard piece of hardware used for many applications. We need to use the F2A as an adapter between the burn1 and the F3 chip.

    Basically, order everthing on these links...
    Ford Adapters : Moates.Net
    BURN2 Chip Programmer [BURN2] - $85.00 : Moates.Net

    Just get an F3 and a Jaybird
    Jaybird J3 Module Reader/Programmer [JAYBIRD] - $75.00 : Moates.Net

    I have not personally used all of this hardware.
    I have a Burn1, which looks to be obsolete now in favor of the burn2.
    Looking on the moates site today was the first time I had seen the Jaybird...

    Currently the best datalogging/tuning option out there is the Tweecer
    The TwEECer -- EEC-IV user programmable module
    This is the system I use on my 408w and 2.3n/a daily driver.