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  1. so as of right now I'm running just a flow master axle back exhaust and want to install some long tube headers, would i need to run a new mid pipe or intermediate pipe such as an x or h pipe in order to get the long tubes or can i run stock mid/intermediate pipes with long tube headers?
  2. Im not 100% positive but I think you'll have to shorten it. I have a 2013 GT and I added BBK LT headers, but also went ahead and got and Off-Road X Pipe all at once. The off-road X was for sure worth it and don't regret the decision at all. The headers were probably the most noticeable mod ive added so far
  3. most noticeable mod in terms of power or sound or both?
  4. It was very noticeable in power when the headers were paired with the X-pipe. I had them both installed at once so im not sure how they are separately, and I haven't had time to get exact dyno results. But when it comes to sound...It can get LOUD! I have Magnaflow Competition Axle Backs so it has a very deep muscle car sound to begin with but after the LTs and the X-pipe its a completely different monster. It took some getting used to at first but Im in love with the sound. Its a deep, raspy, muscle car sound that Ive had many compliments about from other car lovers and from people just sitting at red lights. Cruising around town its not that bad but once you put your foot your to floor it sounds like a racecar :) hope this helps some, Ill answer any other questions that I can
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  5. Thanks man I appreciate it I know if
    I didn't get an x or h pipe and left the stock mid pipes on I would probably
    Have a lot of restriction so I think I'll get the x off-road and LTs thanks man. What LTs are you runnin?
  6. My headers are BBK LTs-
    My Off Road X-Pipe is also BBK-
    If you have the extra money you could always go to Kooks headers which are supposed to be a little better quality but your definitely going to pay for it. I have zero complaints about mine, Ive had them for awhile now, its my daily driver and Ive been on hour long trips and still have zero complaints so Im happy. Its just how much money you want to spend and what your preference is. Its always a good idea to stick to using the same company for both the LTs and the X-Pipe.
  7. okay man thanks
  8. Just a heads up if you go with BBK they did not ship mine with O2 sensors that were long enough to fit. My shop had to make some temporary ones until we could order some more.