More 2012 Boss 302 Pictures Enjoy!

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  1. Ford is keeping the drool flowing freely this week by feeding us some serious, solid eye candy, featuring additional photos of the 2012 Mustang Boss 302 just announced last Friday (this is anchor to the blog from 8/13).* The 5.0-liter (302ci) power plant has already made its triumphant return to the scene and this car [...]

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  2. kona blue looks decent but the others are just ugly. The painted wheels and grill has got to go.
  3. That silver Laguna Seca edition is not the prettiest color combo. I like the red or the blue regular Boss 302 much better. The Laguna Seca Edition must be a mainly track car, look at the front splitter. I predict a lot of crunched front splitters if it's driven on the street.
  4. Thats a sweet ride... Very nice
  5. Awesome, cant wait to see one on the street!