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Mustang Turn Signal LEDs

We have SMD-LED's and the new Hi-Power LEDs as direct replacement for any year's front and rear turn signal bulbs. We even offer a "Switchback"LED which is a unique, specialty item. When a Switchback is on with parking lights, it shines a nice, pure white color, and when you activate the turn signals, it flashes an amber color. Two colors, for an awesome lighting effect like you see on many luxury vehicles!


Bright even with smoked covers!:



This bulb will fit as a replacement for the stock halogen bulb. It uses less power and heat than halogen bulbs, and will last longer, with its engineered heat-sinking technology. A load resistor is embedded to prevent blowing the LED from voltage surge, and a diode is implanted to protect the LED from reverse polarity. The LED is wired for 12V operation, the kind found on all vehicles.

Hyperblink issue: Some vehicles may have fast-blinking issues when any LED bulbs are installed as turn signal replacements. We offer resistors or flashers to remedy this issue for a nominal charge.

Check our prices! We carry the brightest bulbs at the lowest prices. It's easy to compare for yourself- just go to eBay or any other seller, we guarantee our prices will be lowest for the same products. How? We have a great relationship with our supplier and order in huge bulk. AND we do not jack up the prices to astronomical levels. We're breaking that market trend, and offering you low prices every day. That doesn't mean these are low quality, though! These LED bulbs are designed by us here in St. Louis, and every bulb carries with it a three-year limited warranty.

1994-2009 Front Turn Signal
2010-2012 Front Turn Signal

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to post, PM, email [email protected].

*PM us for the free-shipping code* (U.S. forum members only)

Thanks for looking!
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