My 351 build with pics

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  1. thanks for the help, luckily for me i already have a hardwood 2.5" on the car. U have ARF185s, im using twisted wedge strip/street heads? Im not sure on what style headers to look for, well im getting longtubes, but u know how certain heads need certain style adapters or flanges? not sure if thats what is called.
  2. Looks real good in there!!! Should be a fun motor.
  3. it was about $5030
  4. thanks 25th. wish i had your car to put it in! man i like yours alot espically the paint scheme! blueink not sure on your heads if all headers will work,but something i've never really liked are adaptor plates. i coulda got one for my lower intake to bolt on to the 351 off my 302. but nah dont feel comfortable. as far as the hood? if you only use the normal gasket for the upper and lower and not a spacer (if you go with trick flow) and you use the energy suspision poly mounts the hood you have should be fine? i want to put the bottle to it soon after i get the tune done,if i do then i will definitly need a bigger (then a 2.5") cowl hood i think. the plate for the nitrious is like 3/8 to 1/2 thick and it goes between the upper and lower i need to get a job :rlaugh: :notnice: peace

  5. I didnt go through and read all this but what size Throttle Body are you running?
  6. :lol: thanks didnt think anyone would. well thats about what i was thinking i had into it! peace

  7. it's a accufab 90MM inlet and goes to 75MM on the intake side. peace

  8. hey man didnt see if u used a windage tray or not? people keep telling me to get one? I want to order the frpp fox swap oil pan from summit tomorrow along with my pistons, n seen some cheap windage trays, but IM not sure if the frpp oil pan will clear them? Also the question might be stupid, but would it be a front or rear sump windage tray i would need? Im going to order the Trickflow pistons, which should put me at bout 9.5:1 comp on the motor with a .00 deck height, .052 headgasket. My builder says I should go with a zero deck for a clean gasket/head mating surface. Do u know if a certain head gasket thickness is preffered over the next, likesay from the felpros .042, .047, or the .052? Thats what i seen on summit.
  9. windage tray would probably be good,but the FRPP conversion pan i got wont clear them. yes a rear sump pan is what your gonna far as gaskets go you will need to check piston to valve clarence.and the thinkness will raise your compression if i am right? but dont quote me on that. i do beleive FRPP makes the swap pan kit for a windage try?i dont care what anyone says...theres no stupid question! ask all you want better to research and ask (stupid :nonono:) questions then blow your **** up! peace

  10. Thanks, I tell you what... You give me your motor set up, and I will let you drive it once a month, an hour a time!!!:eek:

  11. sweet! :rock: maybe for 2 hours at a time? peace

  12. Thats going to be a kick ass CIA
  13. well i didnt use that pipe picked this elbow up today.i'm using it till i get the AMF power pipe.whatcha guy's think?peace



  14. looks good. Maybe ditch the filter for a new one one, your engine looks sick!

    Hey you running a black majic or a proform fan?
  15. it's a black majic fan. thanks peace

  16. where did you get that piping?
  17. i went to a desiel truck (pick up) perfermance shop and it is actually a real CAI for a pick up. it's 4" in and 4 1/2" out (into the tb) really nice product not sure of the manurfacture? it's gotta work for now tho. and the plans for today are put the mid pipe on put oil in it and put the chip in and fire it off! if my buddy remembers the camera i'll have video later today or first of the week for ya guy's!peace

  18. Well got it fired yesturday but this is how it went Just got the 351w in and finally yesturday i went to fire it off. Well after finding a bad ignition module it fired up.But it got hot i put a 160 stat in it but the temp gage went 1/2 way up and stayed, even with my fan on the whole time. So i heald it at the 2000 RPM for 20 minutes. Then it really started getting hot! so i took it up to 2500 3000 and was bringing it back down to 1000 and it over heated!? WTF? then i look around cause i smelled fuel? go to the back and the freakin exhust melted threw the rubber fuel lines that come off the tank! WTF man any ideas why it was running so hot?When i had my 302 in the car i thought? it had a 160 t stat in it also,i could drive it around (as long as i was moving) with it being 90* outside and not turn my fan on once and the temp always stayed right at the 2nd line off cold. peace

  19. sorry to hear about it giving you problems man, that sucks... did you try running the heat full blast? i replaced the coolant and thermostat in my car once and it overheated when i first started it back up, i was told to run the heat full blast to get the coolant flowing and get the thermostat to open for the first time, and it worked! sounds dumb but worth a try :shrug: