My 3rd Annual Pilgrimmage To Bondurant's Track

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  1. Once a year, local racing organization Pro Autosports/ASA does an event where they combine Bondurant's track with Firebird's Main track, for the longest configuration within 3 hours of Phoenix, and the only one with any elevation change. I was 2 seconds faster on average than last year (2:16's to 2:18's), and chasing that Boss 302 around netted me a 2:13:30, which is smokin' for me and this car. And this was on street tires! These Hankook R-S3's really are the hot ticket.

  2. Here's video from one of the GTR's that was behind me for a while, starting at 4:36. Hand-of-God stability control saves the day!

  3. Mesmerizing. I can't get my head around that type of competition. Always wanted to try it with something like an RX8 though.
  4. Love your videos, though they do always leave me quite jealous.