My baby has been hurt!!!!!!!!

Discussion in '2005 - 2014 Specific V6 Tech' started by drtc, May 2, 2005.

  1. unfortunateky, today my father decided to back his expedition right in the middle of my right quarter panel. Its about $1100 worth of damage. He said he'll take of it but until then i will have to drive with shame :fuss: :bang: :mad: :( :nonono:
  2. I cant see the pictures, all I see is the dreaded red x
  3. Aww man, i know how that feels. I had to drive around for weeks with a screwed up bumper because some bi*ch did a hit and run on me. Grr. :fuss:
  4. I feel your pain... my front left fender got wrinkled when some chick was pullin into her parking spot just 10 days after i got my new stang... after a new fender she looks perfect :banana:
  5. *knock on wood*
    i have 7700 miles on my car, and almsot 4 months. and i havent had so much as a door ding or a scratch. Luckily even if i do, i have a shop so i can fix it (and make money at the same time).
  6. good news guys, im getting my car fixed next friday but i also decided that while they are at it, they are going to paint the side skirts as well as the mirror white to match the car.When i get my camera working, i will post before and after pics.
  7. yes please post pictures of the mirrors, I am really interested in seeing them painted white to match the car!!