my mustang is SLOW!!

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  1. i just drove it to see how it runs.. im at class right now.. on my way to class it started acting up pretty bad.. no power at all, above 4000 it just stops trying at all, backfires, it had absolutely no balls AT ALL.. i swapped the coilpacks as soon as i got to class and just took off for lunch to see whats good with it and same thing.. just now today my car officially started running like :poo:... no new codes no nothing it just runs really bad and slow. something is definitely wrong with it and it is driving me nuts!! when i get home ill post a pic of everything.. its pretty clean! nice body and the engine is pretty nice too... another thing it started doing is when i start it warm it bogs down pretty low and almost dies then goes back to nice idle.. i wish it would just throw a damn code!!! its running so bad its hard to believe it doesnt pick it up!
  2. on my way to class today (50mi) it started really acting up.. no balls at all it pretty much begs for mercy at 4000 rpm backfiring and just no power.. when i got to class i fixed the intake tube and replaced the coils and i drove it just now on my lunch and its the same exact story.. i could seriously get smoked by a toyota corrola right now :bang: i show her love.. the least she could do is throw a new code!!!!! another thing it started doing is bogging on startup.. it almost dies then comes back up to idle after a second.. any ideas anyone?! im gonna go crazy trying to figure this out!
  3. Kinda sounds like your oxygen sensors went south

    A code wont always pop up when they crap out
  4. And maybe your iac valve... the almost dieing at idle is a good sign its on its way out too

    Id definitely go out and throw some new 02 sensors in and see how it runs...i would almost bet thats what it replace the fuel filter too...probably not the issue but thatll get things running smoother and it sounds like anything that can make it smoother will help...

    How do the boots on the cop's look? Are they all the same brand?

    Also check for vacuum leaks and make sure all the couplers are tight that are connectes to your cold air..get some MAF cleaner at your autoparts store and follow the directions on the bottle and clean your MAF sensor.. DONT buy carb or electrical cleaner and clean it, use the MAF specific cleaner
  5. ok so today i was driving to work and the egr vacuum solenoid exploded! i replaced it then the tube that goes into the flat valve thing behind the egr vac solenoid from the egr tube. now i have raw exhaust gasses just fogging my engine bay! does anyone know what could cause this?!
  6. theres a line going into the other side of the flat valve that is kinda kinked a bit.. could this cause a restriction causing the pressure to rise and pop the other hose off? i think thats the first thing im gonna try when the car cools off..
  7. Made in Canada... No wonder it doesn't work! :fuss:

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  8. replaced the egr pressure sensor and the hose still pops off 73$ later :bang: what the hell! now this is really getting annoying!! could my cats be clogged up or the egr clogged?!
  9. The car and engine look good...never seen/heard that happen before

    Maybe wmburns can give some further assistance
  10. Can you get a pic of this? Im trying to picture what your talking about but i deleted my egr a long time ago and dont really remember what all that looked like
  11. well i took out the bend and it still pops the hose off and it still runs like :poo:... i have no clue what could be wrong.. im gonna take off the egr in a few minutes to see if its ok.. im actually really hoping the cat is clogged so i have an excuse to gut them.. if anyone has any input please say something!! im gonna go crazy over this and start dissasembling :poo: pretty soon!
  12. Does in run like crap before or after the hose pops off..itll be normal if it runs like crap after the hose pops might have to go to the auto parts storw and but some clamps to clamp rhe hose down. There would have to be excessive pressure going through the egr valve to be popping the hose off id assume...not sure how or why that would be though
  13. FIGURED IT OUT! i got under the car and started to inspect the cats and noticed my middle cat on the drivers side of the car had gotten hot enough to make the paint peel off my car right above it! i started shaking and banging on it to hear little pieces shaking around. the first cat had deteriorated and clogged the 2nd cat. after discovering this, i gutted my cats with a hammer and a piece of electrical conduit. it took almost 2 hours to get all the :poo: out of the cats.. after taking it all out i reassembled the car and it sounded and seemed great. i re connected the egr and all then went for a drive. the car had all of its power and i realized that the car was not even close to this fast when i bought it! THEN!! as i was stomping around the block i think it spun a bearing!!! it started knocking pretty hard and i had to call aaa to come tow her home! now i think im gonna just put a 2v 5.4 in it. so in conclusion to all this: bad cats cause egr problems! also they cause a lack in power!
  14. Damn dude you have some terrible ass luck...whatever the case, the next motor you put in it, try driving it a little easier lol
  15. The gift that keeps on giving... :rlaugh:
  16. i guess i do drive a little hard!:p i was really just testing it out i did jam on it pretty good but nothing too serious really.. im looking into the pi 5.4's right now.. id really like an extra 40hp and 60tq... it looks like it would cost about the same.. the shop told me they would do a stock 4.6 for 2800 installed which i thought was pretty high but the engine only has 54k.. im really not sure whats next... does that sound like a good deal or should i go with the 5.4? id do the swap myself if i go 5.4... id save ~1400$ too id think..
  17. Id stick with the 4.6 route