my mustang is SLOW!!

Discussion in 'SN95 4.6L Mustang Tech' started by chickensofttaco, Apr 17, 2012.

  1. You spun a bearing with 54k? Did it have any oil in it......J/k? That sucks. I think you can buy 4.6 short blocks for less than $ you have the ability to do the work yourself?
  2. Maybe you had a spark plug blowout?
  3. well i just may... i found a guy on ebay who is not far from me who sells and installs 5.4's and 4.6's that are rebuilt and nice. im gonna use all my accessories and intake manifold and he's gonna do the whole swap for 2800$. i was thinking about it and it really doesnt seem like that bad of a deal.. its basically a brand new engine and water pump, oil pump, belt, and fluids are all included. also he offers a 2 year warranty! i cant wait to have her back! tomorrow im gonna take the car to his shop and just let him do it i think.. once that is out of the way im putting some nice 285's on these chrome cobras i just bought and i should have a nice ride! cant wait!
  4. na no plug blew out.. that did happen to a friend of mine though! it had 133k on it when it went..
  5. Blowing out a plug easily identifiable........because it is LOUD!

    Multiply this 10x in person

    I sounded like a damn freight train coming down the road :nonono:
  6. I know what it sounds like...mine blew out at 60k :nonono: i was just hoping maybe the op didnt spin a bearing
  7. mi mala
  8. yea spun it :nonono: getting a pretty nice rebuilt 4.6 now though!:D most of my friends are mustang guys.. a buddy of mine did that exact same thing blew out his plug.. to be completely honest my mustangs have ALWAYS had some kind of problem or check engine light :shrug: i think ive accepted that its all part of the mustang game LOL! im just gonna roll with it i guess because when its all done i'll have a nice mustang.. that doesnt mean i wont be constantly working on it.. my last mustang blew head gaskets twice within 6 months!! did it right to procedure and retorqued and everything the second time! the first time didn't even go 3k!
  9. You either have luck that is worse than the likes of even the nortorious, "Bill" or I smell fishies.

    I've not made up my mind yet. o_O
  10. it's officially called the COB or Curse Of Bill.
  11. chicken soft taco wooo...:banana:
  12. huh?o_O
  13. Go to the squeeky wheel section and click on the user name lasersvt...then youll know what hes talking about lol
  14. went to the shop to check it out and i got some pics of the new motor! i went ahead and had the clutch replaced again as well. i cant wait to drive my new mustang!


    cant wait! should get it back tomorrow in the morning!
  15. Go easy on the new motor this time...break it in correctly and dont worry who is faster than you for a little bit...gwt the maintenence and the catalytic converter issues fixed before you hammer down on it lol...

    Dont need another engine build thread from you in a week lol
  16. im going to change the oil after 5oo miles than 1500 miles then go to mobil 1 synthetic. i already broke apart the cats but i feel i do need to buy a new ford hpipe so i can pass smog when the time comes.
  17. got the engine in on tuesday! it runs really good and i can already feel it has alot more pick up! i think i had a bad head gasket or something to begin with because not only were the cats jacked up but also now i dont have a coolant light anymore. i broke most of the cats up and i have had the h pipe out 3 times already to break it up and dump it all out. i am pretty sure there is not any cat stuck in my mufflers because they appear to be straight thru glass packs? it is the borla cat back. it still has a slight rattle in the middle cat cans but im pretty sure it doesnt affect the flow anymore. it is now throwing the codes 1130 and 1131 for the front o2's reading lean apparently. also the car is now dying on startup when warm. i am also thinking there is an egr problem or a vacuum leak? what do you guys think?