My New 99-04 Gt!

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  1. About 3 years ago, I made a huge mistake of trading in my 2002 GT. It needed a lot of stuff, and I thought it would be better to get something more practical and keep my 95 that I have converted to a 5.0 ( I will be buried in that car!).p Ever since, I have not been happy with my car situation and have sold/traded in everything within a year of each other. I just missed having a GT as my daily driver. Well yesterday, I came across a 2004 GT with only 45k miles BONE STOCK! I was shocked to see something so nice and stock for being 10 years old with virtually no miles. Long story short, I bought it. and here are the pics!

    cab44a1cc53c5283bf7fbd0183d29971_635x475.jpg 5031b34aceb15bba8bd732bea2d93144_635x475.jpg cab44a1cc53c5283bf7fbd0183d29971_635x475.jpg 5031b34aceb15bba8bd732bea2d93144_635x475.jpg 3c6eac5f9a0f585881c6b97d5888b4bd_635x475.jpg cab44a1cc53c5283bf7fbd0183d29971_635x475.jpg 5031b34aceb15bba8bd732bea2d93144_635x475.jpg 3c6eac5f9a0f585881c6b97d5888b4bd_635x475.jpg 1e0776f77f855efe995a25e9dbd42de7_635x475.jpg c1546ba331ec5190a8de2dde855ba13d_635x475.jpg
  2. Nice indeed!!
  3. Nice!
  4. I am so excited! It is so rare to see a 10 year old GT that hasn't had anything done to it! I will do the basics (Grille Delete, Front Lip, Sequentials, Tint, Exhaust), but for the most part I will leave it alone. It is such a clean car.
  5. That's real nice man. It does seem rare to see a GT unmolested anymore. I remember the one month period where my car looked like that. Maybe you outta leave just as it is. When everyone else is modded, you could be more unique not being modded.:shrug:

    Nahhh, nevermind, make that thing a killer.:uzi:
  6. I agree! a small part of me would be fine with leaving it bone stock. But then again, I need to do some stuff to it!
  7. Beautiful Mustang, that interior is so clean. I hope it gives you nothing but smiles when you drive it!
  8. It does! Thank you!
  9. So clean! 5 years ago I came across my Black 00 GT and couldn't resist a good deal either. Mine was completely stock save for a Flowmaster exhaust system. Gems like those are hard to find, enjoy it, and DO modify it!