My turbo install, part I

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by Brads Coupe, Mar 21, 2004.

  1. his numbers are in his sig i think now. what type of turbo is that, it looks exactly like the one i have, i am doing a junkyard turbo system and i got mine from my diesel mech. class for free, it came off of some kind of diesel.
  2. No more vids yet but new dyno numbers. 450rwhp & 460ft/lbs torque @ 9.8lbs boost.

    Videos will come soon!

  3. When you start one project it turns into a MONSTER!

    When I see those pics it makes me think of how a couple cases of brew, a garage w tools,and some extra time on the weekend can turn into the BEAST we see in Brad's garage!:hail2: I started and finished a heater core install a couple of weeks ago and it turned into heater core, cooling system flush, thermostat install, water hose replacement, PCV valve/filter replacement. We always see one thing then another,then another and so on... Next thing you know you got the motor and tranny out when you started to just replace the oil filler cap! :shrug: The engine bay looks 100% better with all the work you have put in. Don't get discouraged and keep up the good work. It will pay for it itself many times again in driving satisfaction. I've seen projects like this overwhelm some people - making them either scrap the whole project and sell off the new parts or, sell their unfinished "project car".
    I think I need to make a run to the parts store and corner market!"
  4. Holy back from the dead post Batman!!!

    So Brad... how 'bout those videos...?