Need for Speed Underground

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  1. id get it just to play around with it.
  2. check out over at ebay. theyre dirt cheap. was the xbox thats really cheap.
  3. just thought id let u guys no NFS Underground is givin away a skyline gtr r34 all riced out on mtv. its pretty sick even has the steering wheel on the right side.
  4. Do you mean the wheel is on the right side or the correct side?
  5. I have it, and it's a pretty cool game, I really like it! They almost force you to put crap on my car, but mine still looks cool!
  6. no literally on the right hand side of the car like it was just imported from japan and not converted. pretty cool but i wonder how legal that is(although the mailman does have the wheel on the right hand side)
  7. I believe it is legal to have a steering wheel on the right hand side. I have a friend that has a car like that. It just freaks the police out when they pull him over.
  8. o...sweet j/w what kinda car does he have
  9. Excelent :) twould be perfect for me then hehe.

    And here we're allowed to have LHD cars as long as theyre 30 years old. Which is a bummer, cos a new viper, vette or stang would be good.

  10. well for a real skyline gtr r34, the right side is the correct side for the steering wheel.
  11. I got the game just to hold me over till GT4.
    I ended up liking it.
    I like the body customizations and performance stuff.
    And (this is a scary thought) I think neon would be most benificail to a show car.
    It attracts tons of attention and can look tastfull if it compliments the bodies color.
    I hate the stikers.
    Some of the custom vinle was cool.
    Nothing wrong with a Skyline with the Mantis wide body kit.
    I was wondering if u'd ever be able to get wide body kits.
    I also like some of the carbon fiber hoods.
    Hell I even gott my drifting Miata to look like a black stang from certan angles.
  12. An Audi TT coupe i believe, it was a european made I car I know.

    He lived in Finland for awhile and brought the car over.
  13. they make it for PC too, so you non-ps2 people can get it.

    I hate how many different vinyls you unlock. It takes forever just to unlock new body kits and the fun stuff. The cars get a lot better as you move along too, like an RSX, Supra, Eclipse GSX, etc....

    anyone here play online? Ive tried but it wont let me, it says i need to download the patch, i download the patch, and it still doesnt work...
  14. my brother bought the game. a lil bit to rice for me, but its still fun ot play around w/
  15. Yeh I know, I was thinking that correct may have meant the correct side for a US car.
  16. The game made me feel like Vin Diesil :p

  17. Is that a bad thing or a good thing? :shrug:
  18. I would hope that it would be a bad thing.

    On the topic of ricers...

    A guy with a Blue Mazda Protege parked next to me today, and he had a muffler that I could stick my head in. It was funny. That is all.
  19. Was it loud in that muffler, or was the car off when you stuck your head in there??
  20. I don't know how it sounds, it was the first time I've ever seen that car. There is a guy that has an eclipse with a fart can on it and it doesn't have that high pitched buzzing sound like most ricers prefer. It has a solid low "roaring" sound and it's extremely loud. Quite distracting when he drives by a building that I have class in.