Need help with interior parts

Discussion in '2010 - 2014 Specific Tech' started by kwiltse08gtcs, Nov 26, 2012.

  1. My interior is strting to fall apart. partially my fault. Other than the Ford dealer where would I go to get the pieces for the E-Brake. also Floor mats. I have the Ford racing but I kinda wanna find one that says CS because I have a california special.

    Lastly Im trying to find the cervinis Ducktail for a good price or something just like it that does not cover the third brake light and covers factory holes. its part of my California Special remake. It needs to look smooth XD
  2. has most anything you can find. Also, has a lot of interior parts. They have a few things I can't find anywhere else.
    Are you looking for stock replacement parts? Or carbon fiber, billet etc. style?
  3. As far as the Cervini's Ducktail Spoiler, Cervini's site has it for $338.99. has it for $299.95. Here is the link:
    This is the cheapest I can find it. You might can find it cheaper from eBay, however, I am not a big eBay shopper. I like to know my companies that I buy from.
  4. Also, during your shopping, remember that some companies offer discounts for this forums members. I know Steeda does, and I think American Muscle does too. I am not sure about the rest.