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  1. Frame_specs.jpg View attachment 81613 Need the inside measurements front of rockers top and bottom side to side, 67 Coupe.

    Trying to put drivers side back and something is out of alignment if I pull rear in to weld......

    Here is pic of what I need, as I'm stuck till I get the correct width.
  2. MoWiskey
    I have a 68 that I just went and measured. At the front door posts I have 55 inches and at the a pillar its 55 1/2. I did replace my floor with a dynacorn floor that went right in . I have read that these cars weren't always perfect in demesions. I hope someone else here verifys these measurments.
  3. for some reason i cant open the pics , but i figure you need between the rockers in the front?i measured two cars and they are both the same 54 1/2 between the rockers and just under the dash it is 53 1/2 .if this is not the measurement you need can you full size the pics?
  4. need meas.jpg

    That is correct, for some reason I have 2 measurements 54.9" and 543/8(which I found written on the rocker I took out. I think it is the same at the top and bottom,but mine is twisting some.
    Also is that the same on the rear also?
  5. at the rear both cars measure 55 1/2 top and bottom of the rocker ,neither of these cars have been touched so i figure they are correct

  6. Interesting wider in the rear...

  7. thats what i thought ,they should be the same front to rear but they are not:shrug:
  8. i noticed a light twist in the rockers on the last car i did ,when i installed the torque boxes i was able to take that out by welding the torque box to the fame rail first then clamping the rocker to the box it pulled the twist out . i also noticed they bow out in the middle slightly.