need tips on oil pump driveshaft install

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by mcvey90, Dec 17, 2003.

  1. looks pretty cut and dry.

    I just got the new one in the mail today.
    My last one sheered off. So I will install this one than put the distributor on while the motor is on the stand, and see what happens.

    I was hoping someone could walk me through it quick. looks like it just drops in place, than is held by some sort of nut that crimps or something.

    also, if I prime the oil pump with a drill, how fast/slow and for how long do I have to do it. I didn't prime it last time. Perhaps that is why it broke, I don't know.

    thanks for all the help you can offer.
  2. You are installing a new pump right? Chances are it twisted off because some debris got past the screen and locked up the pump. Even if it will spin now there is probably internal damage. At the least pull the cover off it and have a look inside. As far as replacing the shaft it's pretty simple. You just put the clip on it and slide up as far as you can. All it does is keeps the shaft from falling out when you pull the distributor. If it's an EFI car, the dist. shaft protrudes below the block surface so it's going to be loose in there anyway. On a non-EFI car you can run the heavy duty Motorsport shaft upside down and the shaft can never fall out. The clip goes the whole way down the hex part and bottoms out on the rounded portion and since on a non-EFI distributor is flush with the block, it makes it impossible for it to come loose or fall out. As far as priming just spin it as fast as your drill will go (reverse). Spin it till you get oil out at all the rockers. This is the farthest point so everything else will have oil to it. Not priming an engine won't cause the shaft to fail but it's a good thing to do. If you don't prime chances are you'd have some valves rapping on startup till the lifters get filled and everything just runs dry for a few seconds which isn't good.