New 5.0 Owner, New 5.0 Lover

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by slyfoxstang, Jan 6, 2010.

  1. Just wanted to say hi everybody. Glad to find a website like this. I live in upstate ny.......bad time of year to get a new toy..... I work for Time Warner Cable and have been a cable tech for 10 yrs now. I am 31yrs old, and have wanted a stang 5.0 forever, even though i was never a ford fan. Just always loved them. The way they sound....the way they smell....never mistake the sound from a mile away...just AWSOME CARS!!!!!!!!! I am new to mustangs, but grew up around cars, and can do most anything. A friend of mine is a pretty good mechanic, and helps me out a lot. Looking to learn....and turn my 5.0 into a rocket ship. my friends got a newer GTO 6.0 supercharged, looking to hang with him by spring.
  2. Welcome to Stangnet!
    Enjoy the forums here. :)
  3. Welcome!
  4. welcome to the site, enjoy