new dyno numbers 347

Discussion in 'Fox 5.0 Mustang Tech' started by jdallen1798, Dec 8, 2003.

  1. I just got my car to the dyno since i installed my 347 tell me what you think

    341 rwhp 396 rwtq
    i have not had it to the track since i installed my swanson computer chip last week but prior to the chip i ran an 12.8 at 108 1.9 60ft.what do you think it should run with those hp numbers???????
  2. Where did you dyno at? I dont know what it should dyno but i think 108 sounds kinda weak for your mods and dyno #'s though, i would think you should be around 11.80's or quicker @114 or so mph w/ you mod list :shrug:
  3. I dynoed it at mc racing in merriam ks.108 mph were before the computer chip but i doubt the chip made that much difference.what affects mph in the quarter other than hp???i was on hoosier slicks but only launching at 2500 rpm and granny shifting
  4. well what is the race weight? I would expect 114+ MPH as well.. That torque is great :nice:
  5. Im not sure never had a chance to weigh it.i take the back seat out and also take the spare out of the back when i go to the track.
  6. MC is a good shop, what injectors are you using?
  7. what was your baseline dyno pull.. was this on a 248c dyno jet?
  8. yeah and im thinking u should have ALOT higher dyno #s..more up near 400....custom cam time :nice: