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  1. Tonight , 45 min. ago I was come back from job with my brother ( he drive 96 Probe GT with many boltons) I decide to take I-90 to home , on one exit (exit with two line) I saw 90-91 Plymouth Laser RS Turbo with over size muffler fly bay me (he drive around 85mph and going faster), I was in 5th on 60mph ( my car now have 4200lb 4 bags ice melter on back seat and steal rims from 99 6 banger Mustang with 205/65/15s tires on back for snow baby ), I down shifted to 3rd with wot , at 87mph shift in 4th , on 95 I pass him like zooooom , then I hit brake on red light really hard , he drope window and tell me "damn man , is that 4.6 !!! " , I'm like "nope this is 5 ohh " , he tell me than " I been thinking 4.6 is faster" , than I tell him " yes with blower " :rlaugh: , then he say "good **** , good ****" ( that mean nice I think)
    He have respect for "faster cars " , but 95% rice burners don't have that
  2. I dont really see how you beat him unless he was at WOT and trying to accelerate as fast as he could too :shrug: anyways its always nice to meet people who have respect for cars if they drive a rice burner or not
  3. Actualy he been 3-4 cars behind me when he accelerate , and he have automatic , any way I don't have reason to lie , I pass him after few seconds , I don't lie
    Last months I been killed 3 times in 5 minutes , but I don't care , he is my friend and he drive 00 Trans Am automatic with some bad a$$ mods on tranny , intake , 4.?? gears , headers , catback and cam and more, he have around 400hp , this is my races with him

    from a 35-40mph roll

    from a stop

    another 30-40mph roll
  4. Nice Vids :nice:
  5. nice vids indeed!