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  1. That sucks man. Sorry to hear it.
  2. You know, $hit happens and at the end of the day it's only stuff. I walked away without a scratch, my insurance will probably cover the new paint job and my 3.73 rear and new block are still safely in my basement. I can't complain, and if I pick up a 94/95 GT cheap and get that repainted, I'm ahead of the game since the engine swap will be even easier. I'm betting I can salvage most of my suspension, 2 of the wheels (plus spacers), my audio equipment, Steeda shifter, cat-back exhaust, and some of the body panels from the wreck.
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  3. Just drove home with an '09 Nismo 370z... Not a Mustang, but holy crap is it ever fun! I drove the Scion FR-S, Camaro SS, coyote Mustang, and the Z. Also in the mix were the WRX STI and Lancer Evo.

    I've gotta admit that as much as I like Mustangs, the Z combines the handling of the anemic (IMO) FR-S with the raw power (at least for its weight) of the pony cars. The Camaro was hands-down the worst of the bunch for handling while the Scion felt cheap in every way. The 'Stang was good competition in performance, looks and interior but just couldn't hang in the agility department. It's got back seats though, which I might miss before too long.
  4. Wheres the pics of the new car??? Sorry about the stang man... you put a lot of hard work into it
  5. Guess I forgot to post up... I only have 1 cell pic so far since every time I take it out I've got salt to wash off:rolleyes:. Nissan calls the color magnetic black. You can't really see it here, but there's some metallic flake to it. The wing and nose spoiler are functional, not just there to look like a ricer.
    Specs: 350/268 at 7000/5000 rpm from a 3.7L NA v6. 0-60 in about 5 seconds, top speed 155 electronically limited; supposedly 171 otherwise. 3300 lbs curb weight, 14" 4-piston front brakes, 13.8" 2-piston rear, 245/285 staggered 19" forged aluminum wheels, H-pipe, quick ratio steering rack, 6-speed rev-match manual, carbon fiber driveshaft, ABS, traction control, bare bones interior. #206 out of 1000 or 1200, not really sure how many were made that year.

    For $8k a twin turbo kit safely adds about 200hp if I ever get bored...:pop:
  6. The stang likes those! Maybe this spring we can link up for some races. At the track of course!
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