New (old) Member Is Back

Discussion in 'The Welcome Wagon' started by 66T5_GT, Nov 20, 2013.

  1. Well, my Ford product is next on the slate for restoration so I am back to hang out among the faithful. I have a 1966 T-5 GT, which was restored once before by us but fell on hard times and has been in storage for over ten years. Here's shot of it about 7 years ago being moved from GA to AL:


    and here's the build sheet:


    I'm moving her to my garage here at the house shortly, and then I can start making parts lists. I'm thinking of doing a blog for this project, any suggestions on where to do it?

    I say new (old) member since I am amazingly still on the membership roles after all these years. I first joined in 2005!!
  2. We love a resto project, with lots of pics please!
  3. Thanks guys, though that wasn't fair giving me an excuse to go shop for mustard! Hopefully we'll have her moved up here in a few weeks. I spent most of Saturday cleaning the garage out so we'd have somewhere to store her. I have to finish my current restoration project first, then the fun can begin.

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