New projector Lights for 99-04 Mustang

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  1. I think they look cheap, especially the rubber seals on top. Also I do not think projector or HID headlights look good on 99-04 Mustangs. Euro style headlights look good on Euro style cars in my opinion.

    Also, $45 seems kind of high for shipping...
  2. I am interested in the lights not only for appearance but also for functionality. I think the stock headlights are a bit dim. Also, I believe projector headlights should not be restricted to european cars since the new Corvette, which I think looks good, has them.
  3. look ghetto to me.
    SN95 have many many choices on this, but we have almost none! WTF?
  4. They remind me of the General Tsao's I had for lunch today...ricey
  5. Sylvania Silverstars
  6. they look pretty good. price is too high tho, pretty sure you could get those at a cheaper price. if the light being dim is a problem for you then you should get some Silverstar Bulbs, you could find some for $20-$30 a pair on ebay. it'll save you some $$$
  7. Please keep the rice comments away. As I said, projector lights are way brighter than regular ones and make the car look more sophisticated. Now Altezza's one the other hand, are just plain rice. So anyone has an idea where I can get them cheaper. :shrug:
  8. Please don't buy them, they are ugly.

    However if you want better light then just simply switch your light bulb to some sylvania's.
  9. Still undecided on looks yet.

  10. i installed a set of projector lights on my 96 thinking anything should be better then the stock(96 came with the cloudy plastic lights) but they sucked also! i then bought some cobra(clear) and installed the sylvania light bulbs and now its way brighter...also i upgraded the foglight bulbs to piaa and clear lenses...the projectors looked good but it wansn't worth not being able to see.

  11. sn95 are 2 piece, as opposed to 1 piece for 99 up, making it not necesary for complete light packages, turn signals clear corner works with almost every aftermarket light for a sn95. but you have better heads/intake.. :nice:
  12. Well I saw a picture one a black stang on another post and I thought it looked pretty good. I am also not convinced that the projector lights are less bright than regular halogen bulbs. As I understand it now, there is some interest but people are still undecided because there are no installed examples to look at.
  13. I am pretty positive the black would look like junk on our cars. It would have to be done very well to pull that one off.

    But I dont like the chrome at all (lol)

  14. Sorry 'bout that. In all honesty, tho, I would get Sylvania Silverstars and call it a day. Remarkable cheaper than getting whole new headlights and they're a pretty good improvement over stock. Projectors are probably better than the factory housings, but I guess I get a little anal about lessening looks when you don't really have to. :shrug:
  15. I would agree with you...if they were factory.

    But the fact is they are not factory lights and the design of them looks very cheesy. They don't really match the look of the rest of the car.

    But out of those two i would go with the black ones. But i think the factory 01-04 headlight looks the best. Put in a nice set of Silverstars and they light up the road perfectly at night. I drive many other vehicles through my work and when i get in my Mustang at night i am amazed at how much it lights up the road in comparision to some of the other cars i have driven.
  16. I like how the ad for the black lights says

    "Don't miss this latest style of projector headlights for your Mitsubishi Eclipse"

    Kind of fitting.
  17. :lol: