New Race Car Sexyness

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    finally can get rid of that junk ass small cap we had to run before. also makes getting a cap and rotor much easier
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  2. I had one like that, but mine was bent to the right.
  3. we can swing it around... our location doesnt make a difference for us. we gotta phase it in one way or another
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    ohhh so sexy!
  5. sexy is right.
  6. Do you know what connects the cap shaft to the gear shaft? Hopefully a set of gears or whatnot
  7. Small belt... All it actually does is spin the rotor. We don't have anything inside of it pick up wise. Everything is done on the crank trigger
  8. Right it seems like that would be a **** to change out
  9. Nah about 5 minutes
  10. You sir have tiny fingers haha