New Rear End Gear Choice?

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  1. ok,so my car changed since i put in my 3.73s years ago,i have a 331 stroker now,summer and occasional weekend track first gear although fun on the street,was basictly useless at the track,and even for the street i pull out of first in the blink of an eye....i ordered the tko 600,i noticed that the first gear is lower wich might make it a little difference but i was thinking of switching to 355s or 331s?......wondering if that will hurt my times or better them?
  2. Swapping to the lower (numerically) gear set will probably "hurt" your times.....but it may only be to a small degree.....1-2/10.

    The question is.....would you rather have the car more pleasurable to drive on the street, or are you more interested in eeking out every tenth at the track?

    FWIW, I'm planning on swapping out to a 3.31 rear end gear the summer as well, as quite frankly I like to take the car on highway trips on occasion and don't feel like buzzing the tach on the highway. I'll sacrifice a tenth or two, for a more pleasurable, all around driver.

    I do think however, that if you're really noticing the difference now with the 3.73's, a drop to 3.55's isn't going to do much to cure your problem. I'd drop at least 2-steps in gearing to make the swap worth while.
  3. id like the better driving yes,mostly the first i have an issue with,"maybe" the new tranny will change that?...but thing is i do really enjoy 2-4,have to do a couple more passes to c but i think its almost perfect rpm at the end of the track with 3.73s,wondering where it will be with a lower gear?....and the seat of pants is cool with 3.73s just dont want to go too low of a gear and loose that....decisions!
  4. Leave it alone in my opinion.. Next round at the bar is on you! Since I just saved you a bunch of money by not swapping your gears!
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  5. Wait till you get your new tranny and then find out if you need to change gearing. One thing at a time.
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  6. guess i am jumping the gun a bit....anyone have a tko? the first gear any better with the lower gearing?....thats what im a few bucks also...
  7. It's a pretty drastic change going to the 1st gear on tko600.
    Just leave the gears alone for now.

    I've run mine with 3.73 and a tko for years. I also make quite a bit of power down low and it's fine.
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  8. thanks for the reply bud!....i was getting order happy there for a bit,im going to try it with the tranny swap first,first gear is what i dont like,if its any better think i may be happy...glad to hear it is...
  9. Sounds like you need better tires to me.... I run drag radials on my 89, and recently picked up a set of Toyo R888's for my 04. The R888's can handle rain, and cut the middle ground between really nice street tires (with 140 TW, which are useless in first gear past a certain power level) and the drag radials.
  10. maybe...i have bfg g force 295s for the street,havnt tried drags radials yet,will be one of my next purchases though,cant wait to try and launch hard at the track.....even though it breaks loose of coarse in first,im just wanting a little longer 1st mostly....all other gears im good with....2000xp8 gave me some feedback im happy with,even more exited to get my tranny now!
  11. Ive got a tko 600 with 3.73's. It did make first gear last at little longer then the T-5 not a huge difference but one you'll notice. Try it out before you swap gears you may like the 3.73's with the tko.
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  12. If it helps, back when i had only a good h/c/i setup and i switched to the 600, i disliked my first gear, it felt so long that i actually contemplated going to 4.10's.
    Which would still work really well, because the tko has like a .64 5th gear. It's almost like a 6th gear instead. Wait until you see and feel the rpm drop going from 4th to 5th, that too is quite noticeable.
  13. If you want to go on tremecs website they have a trans ratio calculator input your desired rpm be for cruising or shifting and lay out the gear ratios first through fifth and compare the t5 to the tko it will give mile per hour for each gear and that specific rpm. Also when you do that they ask for the rear gear so when you do the comparison between tko and t5. Do a comparison between tko600 with 3.73 gears and compare it to tko600 with 3.55 or even like @gearbanger101 said 3.31's hope this helps as it did for me when trying to decide if I wanna go form world class t5 to t5 z spec.
  14. I can't imagine fifth gear in a TKO feeling much different than fifth in a T5? The T5 has a .68 overdrive gear (compared to the TKO's .64).....that's a pretty minuscule difference.