New rims for Murphy

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  1. :rlaugh: :rlaugh: :rlaugh:

    (Let me see if I can compose myself for the reply)

    (Okay, here we go....)

    Dear Sally;

    I was not making fun of you. I would never do that to you; as I understand that life has sometimes not treated you most fairly; especoially at the hands of yor previous Daddy (whom I understand has in fact become your Uncle), nor with your present Dad. I understand, as I'm sure you do; that your present Dad unfortunately hasn't any previous experience as to how daughters are to be treated; and as such, may not know that it's not funny to put a girl's shoes on backwards (in your case installing leaf springs backwards, as I had feared had happened). I learned this myself some 20 years ago with my own (human, related by blood) daughter; who has now grown to wear (real, GI issue) combat boots - although she has had to order new ones to fit her feet now that her own child is coming. Your Daddy has, again unfotunately, not experienced these issues in his long and tortuous life; therefore I was not sure if he had noticed this problem before.

    You are a beautiful lady, Sally; far beyond the means of the slovenly types such as a BBFCM as our Daddy, and his YOUNGER Monocular Sidekick.... please forgive us as we take "pot-shots" at one another. Know that you have a very beautiful cousin (albeit younger but larger), named Catrin; who is waiting patiently for her Daddy (me) to complete his other projects and then help her to shine as bright as you will.

    And please, remember that we are mere mortal monsters; trying to adjust our lives to further our efforts in helping you to shine once again.

    Oh, yeah, tell your Daddy that he most certainly does not "have the market cornered" on Undocumented Immigrants; as he must remember which of us lives 200+ miles closer to our country's border through which the vast majority of said Undocumented Immigrants pass to enter into these United States of America.

    Uncle StangDreamin'

    (Okay, my eyeballs and eardrums are bleeding from holding it in......)

    (Must.... go..... attend.... the...... clothes...... washer...... before I explode...... in laughter!)
  2. woo hoo

    I actually moved today too! :banana: (can a car do the :banana: dance?) Actually, daddy moved me, not far, just under one car length. Boy did it ever feel good! For me, not so much for daddy though. He said something about broken ball bearings?:scratch: And he walked crooked and was holding his back for awhile.
    daddy said it was so he could clean and level the driveway. Seems there is this mound of sand underneathe where I was sitting.
    He also wheeled my transmission out and started to clean that up. He promised me that he and Uncle Jon are going to fix my door next week.
    Speaking of Uncle Jon, he stopped by on his way home today....said he thought daddy had flipped and was hallucinating about me being "mobile" again! He was VERY surprised!
    Well, here are two more pictures of me moved back in the driveway some.........

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  3. I don't like the torque thrust II's, though (at least not for my car).

    BBFCM - Murphy says Sally looks beyootiful!

  4. Chelle - sally is blushing bright red! she also says that Murphy is a REAL (car)manly hunk o' metal!:nice:
    and if she had her engine in and could purr, she would!:nice::nice: