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What is causing my Instrument cluster issue?

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  1. Transmission/clutch replacement issue

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  2. Airbag System issue

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  1. Hey guys,

    I recently rebuilt the front-end of a smashed 98 Mustang 3.8L with a T5 trans back is January of this year. Last weekend I replaced the flywheel, clutch, pressure plate, pilot bearing, and throw out bearing. Then this past Thursday my instrument panel stopped working.

    Back story:
    • Odometer gears were bad. Replaced those.
    • Airbag light was on. (Didn't replace clock spring, or module yet)
    • Airbag light burns out and starts the code 55 chime
    • Replaced the light, nothing changes like it's supposed to.

    All the research I did led me to two conclusions, it's either a ground on the tranny, OR it could be the VSS.

    My question is this:

    Do you guys think that it has something to do with the clutch, or airbag system, that is causing my instrument panel problems? Also, what steps SHOULD I take, that I haven't already done?

    I would really like a reply soon, if possible. Pregnant girlfriend (due in Dec.) is freaking out because "you don't know how fast you're going and you could get pulled over".

    Please help me,