New Track times. Good ending point for the year.

Discussion in '1994 - 1995 Specific Tech' started by moneypit94, Oct 23, 2004.

  1. Just got back from cordova IL 1/4 mile track..

    Anyways... I got 3 decent runs in and one F-UP... (missed 4th and couldn't find it for awhile.)

    First run was the F-UP
    ran 11.56 @ 117

    Next run was within mins. after the first run so im guessing engine heat wasn't helping much
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    Then i let the car sit with some ice... I hit the rev limiter a couple times in between shifts..
    [email protected]

    and then the best run of the day.. I again let it sit for awhile and iced the blower and intake down.. I Launched it almost as hard as i could... It felt GOOD that last run and pulled really hard all the way to the end.


    BTW: It was a saturday fun day at the track and there wasn't much of a turnout so i think thats why they didn't say anything to me about my ET's and no cage or bar... And I run at an IHRA so its 11.499 or below needs a cage or bar.

    ANYWAYS... IM VERY VERY HAPPY :banana: I drive a 10 sec car!!! THATS FREAKIN AWSOME...
  2. Wow!! That's friken awesome! Congrats.

  3. Good job that's awesome and more importantly I hate you :D
  4. Thats awsome man, cant wait to get my 11 sec time slip let alone a 10 SEC TIME SLIP!!. Congrats :nice:
  5. "i live my life a quartermile at a time......"
  6. congrats, I know you have worked very hard and had many headaches to get to this point.

    GOOD JOB !!!!!!!!

    10.5 next year.
  7. DAMN, WAY TO GO!!! I don't know which impresses me more, 10's or that big 128mph trap speed! I remember your last video with you pulling the wheels on the 1-2 shift... now I see why!!! Big time congrats to you!!!
  8. :lol: :lol:

    Also what ran against you. You almost ran you 1/4 before he finished his 1/8 :rlaugh:

  9. jeeez, i didn't know ur car was that beefy, sure is pretty though :).. awesome!
  10. Damn impressive for sure.

    As Paul pointed out, those 128 MPH traps are good for 10.30's. Keep up the good work.

  11. thanks guys.. Yeah I knew that it felt much better that last run especially towards the end of the run.. I really hate the inconsitancy of a non-cog blower system, but im not gonna complain too much.

    Im just happy not to have broke anything this year.. I mean my stock tranny with 130+ k miles is still in tact along with my stock differtial. sp?

    had a couple people tell me there is probably a tenth or two if i powershifted due to the loss of boost during granny shifting. (not on this tranny i don't)

    Anyways i wish i would have gotten it video taped.. I guess that will give me something to do next year is get it a good run on tape...
  12. It was a 6 cylinder camero from like the 80's...
  13. Damn dude thats awesome. :nice:

    I can't believe they let you run so many times without a cage. Maybe they were like, "well, that car is badass, so we'll just let it go."
  14. :eek:
  15. lol, sorta funny cause for tech the guy just wrote the number on my car and said ok...

    It was one of the last test and tunes of the season so i don't think they really cared too much?
  16. Damn good times man, I got something to strive for now:)
  17. yeah now is the time of year to run good numbers way to go ! thats my goal too, a ten second time slip :nice:
  18. That is Very impressive. It should keep a smile on your face until spring.
    It's funny because I was getting worried with stock tranny at the track and here you are running 10's. Granny shifting keeps that thing together.

    What cage/ roll bar are you getting?
  19. Good times man.

    128 mph. :nice:
  20. I just ran my best of the season also,I was happy with my 14.1,,,10.9-LOL :nice: :nice: :nice: You must of been grining ear to ear :nice: